PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuit In Boston

Our PPI stomach cancer lawsuit attorneys in Boston have seen a spike in claims in recent years. Some various drugs and devices have caused injury to individuals. The FDA is even grappling with the pace at which new products are being developed.

For particular products, the FDA offers an easier way of approval. For a product that is evidently similar to an already approved drug or device, then it is possible to apply for shortcut approval. This depends on the conviction that for a product that is quite similar to one that has been approved, then it must be safe for use.

If an initial product turns out to be unsafe, the results are that other products that followed will most likely be risky as well. Such a situation may lead to massive litigation across the country for such medicines and devices.

One of the most recent instances of mass tort cases features proton prohibiting inhibitors (PPI). These are used in the treatment of GERD and peptic ulcers. It is now believed that gastric cancer may be caused by prolonged use of PPI. Two studies that were recently conducted have associated this medical condition to the prolonged use of proton pump inhibitors.

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What Injuries Do Proton Pump Inhibitors Cause?

Many patients have continually used proton pump inhibitors. The number of patients who are diagnosed and treated for ulcers continues to go up every other year. This condition has come about, mainly due to stress and food products. Whenever one goes through moments of stress, there is a higher risk of developing ulcers.

Below are common injuries caused by PPI:


This medical condition refers to a swollen pancreas. The condition can be severe, and might even be fatal in some instances. The case of acute pancreatitis is often short-lived, and as long as one has access to quality treatment, then they can fully recover from acute pancreatitis. Whenever chronic pancreatitis develops in a patient, it may last a lifetime and therefore needs constant treatment. Luckily, most of the conditions that arise from the use of PPI are acute rather than chronic injuries.

Reduce Kidney Function

For proper flushing of toxins from the body, your kidneys are required to function at their full capacity. Sometimes, dialysis may be necessary whenever the functioning of the kidneys is affected.

Reduced Liver Functions

Just like the kidneys, the liver needs to function at full capacity. Otherwise, you may easily end up having medical complications for a lifetime.

A variety of different colored PPI medications arranged in rows. PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuit Attorneys reference these medications

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

This is a temporary condition that causes extreme sensitivity to the skin and mouth. When treated urgently, the condition can be resolved.

Stomach Cancer

Prolonged use of proton pump inhibitors may ultimately lead to PPI stomach cancer or gastric cancer. Studies have indicated that even if one was treated for initial PPI symptoms, there would be a higher risk of developing similar types of cancer.

All these issues and conditions can be severe and painful and call for immediate medical attention. For the case of serious injuries, one might have a justified legal claim against the manufacturer of the drug.

Who is Named as Defendants in PPI Lawsuits in Massachusetts?

In most instances, the defendants that have been mentioned in these PPI cases are Proctor and Gamble, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer. It is highly likely that you have heard of these companies as well. They are the main manufacturers of Nexium and Prilosec, which are the major PPI medications.

At the moment, there is a pending lawsuit filed against these defendants across the country. No major case settlements have materialized yet. In fact, the defendants claim that their drugs are safe to use and are therefore prepared to take these cases to trial.

However, it is hard for defendants to face the fact that most of their customers have been diagnosed with PPI stomach cancer. It is also hard to overlook the findings of the research that showed the relationship between PPI use and gastric cancer. However, just like most companies do, they will take their chances in a court of law.

For most tort cases, defendants defend their products by deeming them safe for use for as long as they can. Sales of these drugs generate millions of dollars for them. As such, they prefer taking on lawsuits rather than lose the profits that come from the sale of their products.

Luckily for the proton pump inhibitors, bad press hasn’t been as widespread as seen in other mass tort cases. For instance, PPI lawsuits have gone rather silent compared to talcum powder cases, which have been filed against Johnson & Johnson. Whenever these changes, companies are likely to change significantly.

What Damages Can Be Claimed in PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuits?

If you have had a PPI test and ended up being diagnosed with any of the medical conditions mentioned above, then you might qualify to file for damages. The damages involved in PPI cases are close to other cases involving harmful drugs:

Medical Expenses

You will receive compensation for any medical bills incurred in the treatment of conditions that developed from using a PPI. If your insurance company already covered your medical costs, it may be difficult to claim those as part of the damages. That simply means that “double-dipping” is prohibited.

Lost Wages

If you suffered some sort of disability or were unable to work due to cancer, you are entitled to receive compensation. Your lawyer will be obliged to submit sufficient proof of the sustained damages.

Pain and Suffering

Most of the complainants in mass tort cases are known to have gone through massive pain and suffering. Usually, this also plays a huge role in the settlement of the case.

PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuit Attorneys reviewing a PPI injury claim settlement with a client.

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Such players may include:

  • Device manufacturers
  • Surgeons/doctors who implanted the device
  • Hospital where the surgeon/doctors worked
  • Hospital’s/doctor’s insurance company

Your mass tort attorney in Boston will strive to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve. Depending on the injuries, you may be due to receive compensation for the following:

  • Irreversible disability
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and anguish
  • Medical costs

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