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TV programming is full of mass tort lawsuits these days. Fancy lawyers claiming to represent hernia mesh victims tell people that they can win millions in compensation for them. They make tall promises and make people think winning a mass tort case is easy for them.

The fact is, winning a mass tort case is far from easy. Such cases are usually brought against big companies with a lot of money. These cases usually revolve around complex medical issues, and it sometimes takes more than a year to develop a single case. Plaintiffs especially find it hard and painful to go through the rigors of preparing for such cases.

Preparing for these cases is painful and time-consuming, but it is important to bring such lawsuits. It helps in protecting people from falling victim to harmful and defective products. Lawsuits brought against companies for pollution, dangerous medical products, or drugs are often handled by a mass tort law firm in Boston. If you’ve suffered an injury from hernia mesh contact Rueb Stoller Daniel today to discuss your claim with a free consultation.

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Filing a Hernia Mesh Claim – Things You Need to Know

Hernia mesh

In recent years, hernia mesh lawsuits have become one of the most prevalent mass tort cases. Using hernia mesh is simple. Your intestines bulge in case your hernia wall has a weak spot. Doctors use a this mesh to plug this gap or weak spot. It works similarly to using a patch to fix a leak in your bike tire or a swimming pool.

The problem with this is that it’s not perfect, as many patients have discovered after getting one. Our class action attorneys are already handling several such hernia mesh claims.

Hernia Mesh Causes Injuries–Why Attorneys in Boston Are Fighting Against It?

Hernia mesh is used in almost 90% of surgeries carried out for hernia repair. A company called Bard is the manufacturer of most of these. The company has faced several lawsuits over the past few years for selling many defective medical products. Another known manufacturer is Johnson & Johnson.

In the US alone, around a million patients receive a hernia mesh each year. A good portion of these patients receiving these experience side effects because of the defective mesh. It is estimated that 50,000 patients end up suing the manufacturers to get compensation for the injuries sustained by them.

Hernia mesh causes injuries as it’s made of plastic. Plastic is flimsy and can easily tear and break apart. In case the plastic inside the body breaks apart, it might lead to various medical issues, including:

  • Obstructed bowels
  • Bowel blockage
  • Chronic pain
  • Infections
  • Tissue fusion
  • Another surgery for hernia repair
  • Injuries to internal organs
  • Parts of mesh traveling inside the body

If you have received a hernia mesh and are experiencing any of these issues, immediately get in touch with an experienced and reliable mass tort attorney at the Rueb Stoller Daniel.

Why Is Hernia Mesh Still Being Used by Doctors?

You must be thinking about why doctors are still prescribing and using hernia mesh even after all the reported issues. As mentioned above, surgeries for this type of repair use a hernia mesh in 90% of cases. Many countries still allow the use of these even though these can be dangerous.

Many varieties have been released by Johnson & Johnson over the years. FDA has warned them many times, and it has forced them to remove one version of their product from the market. However, they are still selling many other varieties.

The mass tort lawsuits will continue until manufacturers take off all the different varieties from the market. There is overwhelming evidence that this product is dangerous. The manufacturers and doctors know about this. Experienced lawyers handling mass tort hernia mesh cases are aware of the risks of hernia mesh.

Hernia mesh and medical tools on a sterile operating tray.

Several lawsuits are still pending, though a few have been settled or dismissed. There is also a huge pendency of class-action lawsuits. It’s a possibility that some of these lawsuits will end up getting settled, but some will go to trial.

Here is a list of some well-publicized pending lawsuits involving hernia mesh:

Atrium Medical

Hernia mesh made by this company is called C-QUR. The company has 500 lawsuits pending against them. New Hampshire is the leading location for such cases. The company expects to have more lawsuits filed against them in the coming years.

Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon)

Johnson & Johnson has many divisions, and Ethicon is the name of the division responsible for manufacturing hernia mesh. The company has around 1500 cases pending against them, and these are federal cases. These cases are currently being handled out of Georgia. The company expects to have more state and federal lawsuits filed against them in the coming years. The first trial is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2019. Even though Johnson & Johnson is not a top manufacturer of hernia mesh, they have quickly become the most popular defendant in such cases. This is simply because they are a big brand and attract a lot of attention.

Bard–Davol Division

Composix E/X and Composix LIP are the names of the products in these lawsuits filed against Bard. The company has already paid out hundreds of millions to settle some lawsuits. However, over 1800 plaintiffs are still waiting for their federal cases. The company also has several individual and class-action lawsuits pending against them in many states.

What Are Mass Tort Cases?

These are cases that are eventually combined and are known as Multi-Jurisdictional Litigation. Simply put, all the federal cases become a single case and one court tries out the case. Combining several cases into one helps in streamlining the process and reduces confusion. It also helps in saving a lot of money for courts, the plaintiffs, and the defendants. If these lawsuits were to be tried separately in each state, the legal cost would be in millions and the resolution would take a very long time.

Suffered A Hernia Mesh Injury? Get in Touch A Boston Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Lawyer Today

Hernia Mesh

If you are or your loved one has suffered an injury because of a hernia mesh, immediately get in touch with an experienced mass tort attorney dealing in hernia mesh cases. Get in touch with our Boston mass tort attorneys to begin the process of filing a claim. Don’t forget that you need to file a claim before a particular date. Once this window passes, you are unlikely to get any compensation you deserve.

Call us now to schedule a completely free initial consultation. One of our experienced attorneys will take a close look at your case and give you more information regarding the case. You need to have an experienced attorney by your side as the insurance companies and manufacturers already have big law firms representing them.