Safeguarding Children from Talcum Powder Exposure

If you have children, you probably know what talcum baby powders are. That’s because many mothers use them on their babies to prevent and treat diaper rash. Many women also apply them to their private areas as part of their daily hygiene routine. It helps to neutralize feminine odors, too.

The primary ingredients in talcum powder are magnesium, oxygen, and silicon. These ingredients aren’t harmful on their own. However, many talcum baby powder contains talc. Talc contains asbestos — a confirmed cancer-causing mineral.

That knowledge has now given rise to many lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson, a significant talcum baby powder manufacturer. Some of the cases implicate Claire’s Makeup too. As a result of the health concerns associated with talc, it’d be wise to stop using them on your children.

However, talc is a significant ingredient in many children’s products. That makes it quite difficult to protect your children from exposure to them. But it’s not impossible. We’d shed more light on this as you read.

More About Talcum Powder Lawsuits 

WHO has stated that continuous talc powder usage can cause cancer. The Center for Disease Control links repeated inhalation of talc with lung damage. However, the Johnson & Johnson baby powder manufacturers claim that their products are safe.

Regardless of their claims, there has been an upsurge of lawsuits against them. As of May 2020, the company was facing about 17,000 federal lawsuits and thousands of state lawsuits. The majority of these lawsuits are from women who claim that continued use of the product exposed them to ovarian cancer. Others have claimed that they developed mesothelioma.

But talcum powder lawsuits aren’t based on the actual safety of the product. Instead, they hinge on the fact that the manufacturers failed in their duty to warn users against the potential risks. Many talcum powder lawsuits have already ended in damages against the manufacturers.

How Can I Protect My Children From Talcum Powder Exposure? 

The first thing to note about talcum powders is that they aren’t medically necessary. That means that you can do without them. Again there are alternatives to talcum baby powders like cornstarch powders and baking soda. You can also use arrowroot starch, oat flour in place of talc powders.

Furthermore, you should take more steps to protect your kids by doing the following:

  1. Check your baby products to ensure they don’t contain talc and silica.
  2. Don’t rub powders directly on your baby’s genitals and skin.
  3. Keep baby powder out of your children’s reach.
  4. Use zinc-based diaper rash creams to prevent and treat rashes instead of baby powder.

Can I Claim Damages for Exposure to Talcum Powder? 

Victims can claim damages for talcum powder exposure if they meet any of the following requirements:

  1. They have used talcum powder for extended periods.
  2. They have developed cancer or any other health condition due to your talcum powder.

If you meet the criteria above, you have the legal right to seek compensation from the powder manufacturers. You can ask for any or all of these damages in your lawsuit:

  • Pain and Suffering

Typically, compensation for pain and suffering constitutes the bulk of talcum powder lawsuits. From physical and emotional hurt to mental anguish and lots more, cancer patients go through tremendous distress and agony.

  •  Medical Bills 

The health effects of talcum powder exposure require repeated visits to the hospital. Victims will usually receive continuous medical care, and as a result, would pay substantial medical bills.  You’re entitled to damages to cover past, current, and future costs for treatment.

  • Lost Wages 

You may lose your wages due to your inability to go to work. Cancer can also cause temporary and permanent impairments that make it difficult for you to earn a living. If this happens, you can get damages to cover your lost wages and future earnings loss.

  • Others 

Depending on your case’s specifics, you may be entitled to several other damages. You should speak with your attorney for more information on this.

Why You Need a San Diego Mass Tort Lawyer 

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