How Long Does a Hair Straightener Lawsuit Take?

Everyone knows that lawsuits can, in general, take a significant amount of time. If you’re the plaintiff in a hair straightener lawsuit, you don’t want the process to drag on forever. But you also want your lawyer to take the time to make the best case possible.

While all claims vary in duration, certain factors are known to affect how long they last. Here, our attorneys discuss some factors that will affect how much time to expect from your hair straightener lawsuit.

Don’t Take Too Long to File a Hair Straightener Lawsuit

Before discussing the factors that affect the length of lawsuits, please know that deadlines apply to such claims. They are known as statutes of limitation and they vary by state. Basically, if you don’t file by a certain date, your claim is forever barred.

But waiting until the last minute to file is not a good idea because you and your lawyer need time to build a winning case. Plus, the longer you wait to file, the harder it is to find the evidence needed. If you were harmed by a hair straightener product, talk to us right away to learn more about your legal rights.

Factors that Could Affect How Long Your Lawsuit Will Last

Although a lawyer can estimate how long your case will last, it’s not possible to guarantee an absolute timeframe. Generally, however, these are some factors that will affect your hair straightener lawsuit.


Several lawsuits have already been consolidated into MDL (multidistrict litigation) claims. Class action lawsuits, which differ from MDL, are also in the works. And there are individual lawsuits that are ongoing. All of these will affect how long your lawsuit will take.


Your case could settle without the need for a trial, saving you time. But will it? To answer this, the manufacturers of hair straightener products will have to be open to settlement. That means weighing such factors as:

  • The strength of your lawsuit
  • The results of other verdicts and settlements
  • The likelihood of more lawsuits being filed
  • The potential risks of trial versus the benefits of settlement

As your case progresses, settlement efforts will be made between you and the defendants. Your attorney will keep you apprised of the settlement status and advise you on which steps to take next.

Your Claims

As mentioned above, the strength of your lawsuit will affect settlement efforts. They will also affect the duration of your lawsuit in other ways. For instance, if you developed uterine cancer from using a hair relaxer, you will need compelling medical evidence.

This could take a substantial amount of time to put together. You will likely need input from expert witnesses, who can testify about complicated medical, scientific, and other technical matters.

Your Personal Wishes

Settlements do not happen without the consent of the client. As your hair relaxer lawsuit moves forward, and you receive settlement offers, you will have to thoughtfully consider them.

Is the amount of proposed compensation enough to cover your damages? Are you willing to stay in the lawsuit longer in hopes of a better outcome? Do you wish to try your case because the settlement amounts are insufficient? Are your medical bills and other losses piling up?

Your attorney will help you weigh these and many other factors so you can make the decision that’s right for you.

Sick Because of a Hair Relaxer? Let Us Go to Work for You!

Rueb Stoller Daniel represents clients who have been harmed by unsafe consumer products. We are actively soliciting individuals who became sick after using hair straighteners. To learn more about our legal services and begin your claim, give us a call today.