How Expert Witnesses Can Help Your AFFF Firefoam Lawsuit

If you’re battling a raging inferno, you need all the help from firefighters you can get. Similarly, if you need to sue the manufacturers of AFFF firefighting foam for injuries you’ve sustained, you can’t have too much assistance. This is where expert witnesses can play a valuable role in your firefoam lawsuit.

These individuals provide essential testimony to support the claims made and damages sought by victims. When you’re considering which law firm you want to litigate your firefoam case, learn about the expert witnesses they use. Rueb Stoller Daniel provides some useful details about these witnesses.

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What Are Expert Witnesses?

Lay witnesses are individuals who testify to what they observed or otherwise know about a lawsuit. They provide testimony that establishes the factual record in support of the plaintiff or defendant. These individuals are everyday people with no training or knowledge relevant to the lawsuit. They simply testify about what they know or have perceived.

Conversely, expert witnesses are those with specialized knowledge whose backgrounds are useful and relevant to the lawsuit. They can explain complex topics to judges and juries that ordinary individuals have insufficient knowledge about.

They are useful because the subject matter involved in mass tort lawsuits (like firefoam cases) is inherently complicated. Without expert witnesses, judges and juries won’t understand the issues involved.

Expert witnesses can bolster the arguments made in your firefoam lawsuit and support the damages you are seeking. They can even refute experts who are brought in by the defendants. They’ve been known to sway juries and affect the outcome of lawsuits.

Expert witness in a firefighting foam lawsuit

What Kinds of Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Firefoam Lawsuit?

Every firefoam case is different, so the expert witnesses that may be called will vary from one case to another. In general, however, these types of expert witnesses can help.


Those who actually handled the firefoam itself will prove invaluable witnesses. They can explain how exactly the AFFF was used and in what types of fires. These witnesses can also explain the amount of firefoam and how, and to what degree, firefighters were exposed.


These witnesses can explain the toxic chemicals, known as PFAS, contained in firefoam. One possible way is to analyze the blood of those exposed to PFAS in firefoam. The ultimate goal is to link the firefoam to the toxic substances that harm victims.

Environmental Scientists

Firefoam isn’t just dangerous to firefighters. The toxic PFAS used in firefoam can seep into the ground and ultimately reach water sources. This can sicken countless individuals near sites where firefoam is used, as these experts can explain.

Medical Experts

A doctor, epidemiologist, oncologist, or other medical expert can discuss how firefoam actually harms victims. In other words, they can explain the actual ways in which PFAS chemicals sicken and injure victims. They can also talk about the future medical treatments victims will need.

Occupational Experts

When someone is seriously injured or gets sick, they can’t work at their previous level of productivity. Their entire career, and all the pay, promotions, benefits, and bonuses that go with it, could be jeopardized. These experts explain the types of jobs victims can or cannot work based on their injuries.

Our Reliable Network of Expert Witnesses Are Ready to Assist

The above are just a few examples of experts who may be called to testify on behalf of firefoam victims. When injury victims retain our firm, we examine the circumstances and determine which experts are best able to help. Then we turn to our network of experts and begin developing the testimony you need to claim the damages you deserve.

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