Can You Sue if You Were Sexually Abused in College?

It seems as if sexual abuse on college campuses is rampant today. Sadly, according to the United States Department of Justice, only about 30% of all victims report abuse. If you or a loved one were a victim of sexual abuse at college, our sexual abuse attorneys are here to help.

Our Class Action Lawyers Understand How Difficult a Time This Must Be

When parents send children off to college, the last thing they expect to happen is for them to be sexually abused by university staff. Professors and coaches are supposed to help students learn and achieve their goals.

But people in authority may sexually abuse college students. That’s why we recommend you contact a sexual abuse attorney in our office so we can help you get the justice that you deserve.

What Kind of Sexual Abuse Takes Place on a College Campus?

Over the years, our sexual abuse attorneys have become intimately familiar with the types of sexual abuse that happen on campus. Some of the more common reports include the following:

  • Attempted rape and sexual assault
  • Molestation
  • Fondling
  • Exchanging favors for higher grades
  • The exchange of explicit photos and videos
  • Unsolicited touching
  • Taking advantage of a student in any sexual way

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that much of the sexual abuse on campus is perpetrated by faculty members.

It is bad enough to know that other students may commit abuse. It is quite another when trusted professors, coaches, or other staff abuse students who trust them.

Pressure on Students to Exchange Sexual Favors for Higher Grades

One of the more common types of sexual abuse our class action lawyers have come across involves professors pressuring students in certain ways. Often, this involves students performing sexual favors in exchange for higher grades or passing grades.

There are also situations in which a student may be accused of cheating or plagiarism. A professor or teaching assistant promises not to report them in exchange for some type of sexual interaction.

Coaches May Engage in Inappropriate Touching or Fondling

Some of our clients have reported inappropriate touching or fondling on the part of their professors and TAs. This behavior can take place either in the classroom or in the professor’s office.

In addition to teachers engaging in inappropriate behavior, there have been reports of coaches doing the same thing with their players. The problem with coaches has become so serious that class action lawsuits have been filed in various parts of the country.

People in a Position of Authority Engaging in Voyeuristic Behavior

Another problem that our sexual abuse attorneys have discovered is coaches and other faculty members engaging in voyeuristic behavior. For example, a coach may set up cameras and video recording devices in locker rooms.

In other cases, a professor or teaching assistant may have a similar system set up in their office. If a student is taking a test in one of these private offices, they should expect privacy.

Unfortunately, there are many faculty members who take advantage of their young students. The hope is that the student may do something to spark the faculty member’s prurient interest.

A sexual abuse attorney suing a college

Our Sexual Abuse Attorneys Have Handled Cases Against a Host of Campus Professionals

In recent years, our sexual abuse attorneys have handled many lawsuits against various campus professionals. It is not just teachers and professors who engage in this type of behavior.

There have even been accounts of campus security personnel assaulting and sexually abusing students.

For some students, sexual abuse is suffered at the hands of the medical staff at the college infirmary.

The last thing anybody should expect is to be sexually abused at the hands of their doctor or nurse. Unfortunately, our class action lawyers have found that no campus is immune to this sort of behavior.

Your Sexual Abuse Attorney May Need to Sue Individual Faculty Members and University Itself

Your attorney may sue more than one defendant in a college sexual abuse case. For example, there was a class action lawsuit filed against the University of Michigan for sexual abuse.

One physician who works for the university was sued by more than 850 people for sexual abuse and misconduct. The university itself was named in the class action lawsuit.

This is just an example of how your sexual abuse case may be handled. Your sexual abuse attorney will make sure that all possible defendants are named in the initial lawsuit. This will allow for maximum compensation.

What Kind of Damages Can Your Class Action Lawyer Demand on Your Behalf?

You may wonder what kind of damages your sexual abuse attorney can demand in a case like this.

As horrific as the defendant’s behavior may be, you can only sue for damages you have actually suffered.

Cases like this can lead to the following types of damages:

  • Compensation for medical bills and future medical care
  • Lost wages if the student was not able to work due to the abuse
  • Lost future income if the student had to withdraw from college, thereby hindering their career opportunities
  • Damages for pain and suffering
  • Compensation for emotional distress, depression, and anxiety
  • Punitive damages

Since every case is unique, it’s impossible to know ahead of time what kind of damages your family may be entitled to. This is why we suggest you contact our office and speak to one of our class action lawyers as soon as possible.

Contact One of Our Expert Sexual Abuse Attorneys Right Away!

If you or one of your children were sexually abused while at college, contact our office right away.

It seems as if there are new stories every week about college professors or coaches sexually abusing their students. Our sexual abuse attorneys can help you pursue a legal claim against your abusers.

We understand how difficult this process will be. We also understand that you may not be sure if you want to proceed with a lawsuit. However, our sexual abuse attorneys are here to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

We suggest you contact our office immediately to schedule your free, initial consultation. It’s important that whatever decision you make is an informed decision. At least you know that you will not be fighting alone.