How Do I Pay a Drug Liability Lawyer if I Have No Money?

You may think working with a drug liability lawyer for your case is optional. The truth is defective drugs are a menace in the United States today. Many people are suffering health complications, physical harm, and life-threatening diseases because of harmful drugs. If a defective drug causes you any harm, you can recover damages from a long list of people.

You may be able to sue the manufacturer, the hospital, and possibly the person that sold you the drugs. However, you’ll need a drug liability attorney to sue any of these parties successfully. Unfortunately, many Americans cannot foot their attorney’s fees and other dispute costs. That’s why it’s essential to know how you can still pay your lawyer if you don’t have any money. 

Why Do You Need a Drug Liability Lawyer?

Do I really need a lawyer? That’s the first question victims of defective drugs ask themselves. Many of them are skeptical about hiring attorneys. Sometimes, it’s because they’ve heard terrible things about lawyers. Many other times, they just don’t believe that an attorney can help their case in any way. However, the reality is that hiring a drug liability lawyer is the best decision you can ever make.

There are many reasons why you need a drug liability lawyer. Firstly, defective drug claims are more technical than many other types of litigation. Legal, scientific, and medical issues intertwine in such cases. A layperson cannot sufficiently navigate these fields to win your case. However, an experienced attorney can help you here. 

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical companies will have their team of experts, doctors, and attorneys to destroy your claim. Your lawyer can get you a similar team too. Only then can you stand a chance against the company. 

Again, if a drug is bad, the chances are high that your case isn’t the first one brought against the manufacturer. They may have defended and won multiple similar cases. So, they have experience in that field. 

Similarly, an experienced attorney must have won cases of the same type too. They can then bring their experience to bear on your case. Finally, an attorney can help you withstand the manufacturer’s pressure to settle your case for less than it’s worth. Attorneys know Big Pharma’s delay tactics and have the stamina to stand through them.

How Do I Pay My Defective Drug Lawyer?

Even if you have no money, you can still retain an excellent drug liability lawyer. Below, we’ll explain two ways you can pay your specialized attorney.

  • Contingency Fee Arrangements (CFAs)

A CFA is an agreement with a lawyer where legal fees are contingent on the case’s success. That is, the lawyer only gets paid if they win at trial or get you a fair settlement. If they lose, they get nothing. With this payment agreement, you don’t have to pay any up-front fees. However, you may have to pay the filing and service fees. 

Usually, the attorney’s fee is a percentage of the recovered amount. A CFA makes it possible for a client who can’t pay a lawyer to enjoy legal representation still. Furthermore, the CFA is an incentive for the lawyer to win the case quickly. This fee agreement is often available for cases with potentially large payouts such as drug liability claims. 

  • Pro Bono Representation

You can also get a drug liability lawyer on a pro bono basis. A pro bono arrangement is one where the lawyer volunteers their time and resources free of charge. Here, you won’t have to pay the attorney for their time. However, you may have to bear the filing and service fees. 

Pro bono clinics and legal aid societies are in many American states and cities. So, it shouldn’t be hard to find one. Usually, pro bono services are sponsored by charitable organizations. This is how the lawyers can stay in business. 

Finally, it’s noteworthy that your case may have to meet certain requirements before an attorney can take it pro bono. For instance, your income must truly show that you can’t pay for legal representation. Furthermore, your case must be meritorious and have a significant chance of success in court.

America’s Best Defective Drug Lawyers Can Help You!

If you’ve suffered an injury caused by Big Pharma products, you’ll need the best drug liability attorneys on your side. If you proceed against the erring company on your own, you may lose. So, don’t hesitate to seek legal aid and representation.  

Our lawyers at Rueb Stoller Daniel have spent their lives getting justice for victims of bad drugs. Therefore, we’ve gathered the necessary experience and expertise to win any case. We’re confident that we can get you the maximum compensation for your injury. So, call us today for a FREE consultation on your case.