Talcum Powder and Cancer – Is It Just Johnson & Johnson?

Johnson & Johnson have experienced multiple lawsuits over the last few years because the claim is that there is a link between talcum powder and cancer. Specifically that the use of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder leads to ovarian cancer. The primary ingredient is Baby Powder is talcum, but if people knew that talc is a form of asbestos, they would likely avoid using it. They might not just avoid using it as an adult, but avoid using it on babies as well.

Trouble lays ahead for Johnson & Johnson & many other manufacturers who refuse to change their warnings or ingredients. Women across the nation are reporting ovarian cancer development without a genetic disposition for this type of cancer, and the common element is talcum powder.

Lawsuits Against Johnson & Johnson

Although Johnson & Johnson have had their fair share of lawsuits over the last few years, often related to ovarian cancer, now they’re facing a more significant battle. The State of New Mexico has an open case against Johnson & Johnson for allegedly targeting minority women and failing to inform consumers of the asbestos in their product. Again it goes back to people not knowing that talc contains asbestos.

This lawsuit, brought forth by a state, may set a new precedent in handling Johnson & Johnson in the courtroom. In the past, Johnson & Johnson have lost cases but have simply paid out. That’s important to note. They didn’t settle, they took the matters to court, lost the cases, and then did not make changes to their formula, packaging, or warnings. It’s clear that this giant has no intention of making any changes. Hopefully, this more massive lawsuit will spur some action.

What About Other Talcum Powder Manufacturers?

Johnson & Johnson is the big name, because they, unlike others, use talc as the primary ingredient. Gold Bond and other body powders turn to other minerals to serve the same purpose. Other body powders may use corn starch, rice starch, oat flour, or even baking soda. The different volumes of talcum powder make it exceptionally difficult to target anything other than baby powder.

Do Only Women Get Cancer from Talcum Powder?

While women have been the bulk of people filing lawsuits, it has long been known and identified that men get cancer from talc as well. In fact, talc miners, both men, and women were widely acknowledged as high-risk for cancer, including lung cancer and other types of respiratory disease. Now, men are typically less likely to turn to Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder for ease of chafing and sweating.

For example, men will often turn to body powders such as Gold Bond, which uses talc in minimal quantities but instead relies on zinc oxide and menthol. For women, menthol would not be a top choice to quell genital chafing or sweating.

How Do You Know if Your Cancer Came from Talcum Powder?

The connection between talcum powder and cancer is not as clear as some would like. It’s roughly based on an association between asbestos being a known carcinogen, and then calculating the estimate of about 1% of the female population getting ovarian cancer. When you see a spike in ovarian cancer, and the commonality across the patients is the use of a well-known carcinogen, then you have a reasonably stable correlation.

The jump in cases was about 20,000 in just 2017 alone, which took the overall chances of a female developing ovarian cancer from 1% to 1.3%. Relying on these connections and the presence of asbestos, it is evident that if the product or the use doesn’t change, that number of 1.3% will continue to grow.

Should You Contact a Phoenix Product Liability Attorney?

If you’re not sure that you can pin down the cause of your cancer, then you should reach out to a product liability attorney. What happens in most cases is that it seems like an unfortunate turn in life. You’re middle age, or maybe slightly younger than most cancer patients, and what that means is that it doesn’t seem right that you have this cancer. But, you know that you’ve used talcum powder to control sweating, reduce chafing, or generally to stay fresher for longer. Is there a link between talcum powder and cancer?

It’s possible, and a law firm that handles product liability cases can help you hold the proper manufacturer accountable. It is not only Johnson & Johnson, but there are a handful of manufacturers that are finding a clear association between talcum powder and cancer. Contact Rueb Stoller Daniel to initiate your lawsuit and get financial compensation for your cancer damages.