San Francisco Hip Replacement Lawsuit

It is very common for attorneys to advertise on TV for mass tort cases, especially when it comes to hip replacement lawsuits. The objective is to show that they have won millions of dollars from lawsuits.

Attorneys want you to believe that you can get similar amounts of money.

However, it usually doesn’t work that way. You may have a viable San Francisco hip replacement lawsuit. It just depends on what has happened to you and hip replacement cases tend to be very difficult to manage.

Tort lawyers in San Francisco can handle many different types of cases. This can do with pollution, drugs, and medical issues as well. Mass tort cases involve several different plaintiffs.

You typically won’t see a case like this with only one or two people. To qualify, you must have been injured. If you are not hurt, you cannot file a lawsuit.

Simply because you have used a particular product does not entitle you to any type of compensation. If you are injured, those injuries must be proven in a court of law.

The last few decades have shown that many hip replacement cases have been filed.

Different types of devices used in the medical industry have proven to be defective. In some cases, people experience pain. If you have a hip replacement, and what is installed is faulty, you may have a claim for damages.

You will want to speak with a Rueb Stoller Daniel mass tort lawyer in San Francisco that can discuss your case with you.

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Why Are People Suing Over Hip Replacements?

There are literally thousands of people that have this type of surgery every year. We will need more surgeries as we get older.

It’s routine, and most surgeons use very similar materials and equipment.

There are companies that specifically create replacement implants. There have been a multitude of major court cases filed over the last decade. These tend to focus on medical devices that are faulty and litigation can occur.

Once a person has their hip replaced, it must be fastened in the body by the surgeon. They typically use some type of plastic fastener, but it’s also possible to use metal hip implants as well. The complications stemming from these implants are why people are joining the San Francisco hip replacement lawsuit.

Companies that make these particular types of implants state that they will last a much longer time.

Although they can last a long time, they are causing a large number of problems for these people. Once it fails, surgery must occur to fix it.

If you have an old implant, it needs to be removed so a non-faulty version can be installed. This can be very invasive and also very painful.

An attorney reviewing a hip replacement injury claim.


What Manufacturers Have Ongoing Hip Replacement Injury Cases?

The implants that cause these problems are obviously defective. People will suffer injuries when they are defective.

There are many cases pending in regard to the San Francisco hip replacement lawsuit. Here are some of the largest ones:


Biomet makes what is called an M2a Magnet hip implant. Approved by the FDA years ago, and has now been shown to be very defective. It was said to last as long as 15 years.

Many patients notice that it is failing this business promise. These lawsuits have led to them settling for millions of dollars since 2012. You may be eligible to take place in a San Francisco hip replacement lawsuit if you have been injured by a defective device.

hip replacement equipment


This business has taken all of the implants that they have made off of the market, but this is a little bit too late. There are several lawsuits pending in New Jersey currently.

They are expected to, once all of this is done, pay out millions of dollars to settle out with clients.

Smith and Nephew

Of all the defective hip implants that have been made, this company seems to be the worst. Over 5% of those that have had these implants have needed to have them replaced. Lawsuits have been settled, yet there are still many pending cases.

Johnson and Johnson

This business is likely to pay out the most money for hip replacement lawsuits. This has to do with the fact that they have sold more of them than any other business.

Going back to 2013, they have paid out $2 billion in replacement cases. There are still many other cases being filed against them. In the event you may have been injured please reach out to join our San Francisco Hip Replacement Lawsuit.

Businesses spend a substantial amount of money settling hip replacement lawsuits, sometimes totaling in the millions of dollars. This does not include the legal fees that they also have to pay which can also cost millions.

Mass tort lawyers simply do not care about these companies or their intimidation tactics. They like to wage war, allowing them to obtain settlements for their clients.

client ailing from hip replacement


Review Your San Francisco Hip Replacement Lawsuit With An Attorney Today

Some people wonder if there is actually a statute of limitations regarding hip replacements. The answer is not that clear because it depends on many factors. These include how you discovered your injuries and when they occurred.

In certain hip replacement cases, it could take years before you notice that something is wrong. You may detect discomfort or pain and then come to the conclusion that the implant is broken.

Physicians will do a series of different types of tests to figure this out. In most cases, a second surgery to repair the defective hip is recommended.

People have two years if they were injured in California, from the date that you discovered that it is defective. It is important to call your attorney as soon as possible.

Contacting a San Francisco mass tort law firm is in your best interest so that you can get an initial consultation to deal with the pain that you are feeling right now.

Keep in mind that your initial consultation fee is free at Rueb Stoller Daniel and you will pay absolutely nothing until you have won your case. Give us a call today at 1-866-CALL-RSD.