Reasons Why You Need a Class Action Lawyer

Class action litigation is different from your average product liability or car accident lawsuit. It involves a large number of plaintiffs, located in different cities and different US states. You cannot attend court and present your individual case.

Instead, you have to rely on your class action lawyer to stay in touch with the class representative’s legal counsel and protect your rights during the proceeding.

At Rueb, Stoller, Daniel, you will benefit from the expertise and know-how of a team of lawyers with extensive experience in this type of litigation.

Local Representation

A local class action attorney is always available to answer your questions and evaluate the evidence you produce. This makes the entire representation process simpler and more streamlined.

You do not have to travel far or use registered post to keep in touch with the lawyer representing the lead plaintiff. Your lawyer will be in charge of all these communications while offering you regular updates on your case.

Legal Actions in Other Jurisdictions

You may be lucky and have your class action suit being heard in your state. However, it is more likely that it takes place in a different US state. An experienced class action attorney understands how court procedures work in that state.

They will know about key aspects, such as:

  • Statutes of limitations
  • Specific forms to file
  • Specific requirements for plaintiffs
  • Average caseload of the respective court
  • Court fees.

This knowledge allows them to effectively represent you and obtain the best possible result.

Intricacies of Class Action Litigation

Class action lawsuits are extremely complex. They often involve thousands of plaintiffs (or more). Also, the defendants are large companies with highly skilled legal representation and large budgets to spend on legal procedures. They often use delay tactics, hoping plaintiffs will give up.

A skilled class action attorney knows how to navigate these complexities.

you will need legal representation in a class action suit

In this particular type of litigation, the lawyer has two roles:

  • Protecting your individual rights
  • Collaborating with the class plaintiff’s attorney to ensure the success of the legal action.

Building a Solid Case on Your Behalf

Just because you are eligible to join a class action suit does not guarantee a win. You still have to prove that you suffered injuries and economic damages. In many cases, lawyers have to issue subpoenas, forcing large corporations to release internal documents showing that they knew of the defect, yet they still kept a product on the market.

In other cases, they may have to talk to expert witnesses to prove that you were left with permanent disabilities, preventing you from returning to gainful employment.

Standing Up for Your Rights

As we explained above, defendants in class action litigations are very large companies. They hire top law firms to represent them. These firms can assign a dozen attorneys to the case, if necessary.

Such opposition is daunting for a regular personal injury lawyer accustomed to dealing with car insurers or workers’ compensation insurance companies. However, an experienced class action lawyer will not be intimidated even by the most celebrated corporate lawyer.

They will stand up for your interests in settlement negotiations and, if necessary, in court.

Transparent Fee Structure

During the initial consultation with a lawyer, you will get all the relevant facts you need to make an informed decision. Among the key aspects, the attorney will inform you of the percentage of the settlement they will retain as a contingency fee.

Also, the lawyer will inform you of any other related costs and expenses, such as filing fees and various legal costs.

Speak With an Experienced Class Action Lawyer

You do not want to miss out on the chance to recover damages in a class action lawsuit. Our law firm will fight for your rights every step of the way. We have extensive experience in class action and mass tort litigation, including well-known cases like the Camp Lejeune water contamination suits.

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