What to Look for in a Firefoam Lawyer

Were you or a loved one injured by aqueous film forming foam (AFFF), also known as firefoam? If so, you have the right to take legal action to recover damages. However, it is strongly recommended that you retain an experienced mass tort lawyer to do so.

But what are some factors you should take into consideration as you decide which law firm to hire? At Rueb Stoller Daniel, our attorneys have handled a number of complicated lawsuits involving dangerous products like AFFF firefighting foam.

We offer a few tips for selecting the right lawyer to handle your firefighting foam case. For a free consultation, contact us today.

Experience With the Law and Legal Procedures

Arguably, the most important reason any victim hires a mass tort lawyer is to have someone arguing for them who knows the law. However, it’s important to understand that “the law” is more than just statutes and court cases.

An attorney should also be familiar with:

  • Civil procedure, which controls how the litigation proceeds.
  • Discovery, a process in which parties request and exchange relevant evidence with each other.
  • The rules of evidence, which determine whether evidence is admitted or excluded from court.
  • Local court rules depending on which court handles the case.

Our firm takes pride in having a thorough knowledge of the laws, rules, and procedures that govern firefoam cases.

Knowing How to Value Your Case

Every firefoam injury victim is different. Some have suffered minor losses and may have incurred relatively fewer damages. Other victims have been significantly harmed by this product and may claim staggeringly high amounts of compensation. Each of these cases matters to us.

But it’s difficult, if not impossible, to understand the value of a firefighting foam case without investigating the circumstances surrounding it. That’s a responsibility we take seriously because we know how important your case is to you. We conduct thorough investigations to build a compelling case on behalf of our clients.

You will likely have future damages that you haven’t yet incurred. For instance, if you develop cancer because of firefoam, you may be forced to leave a lucrative career. That means years or even decades of lost future income and benefits.

How do you assign a value to these future losses? An expert witness can help. This is a person with technical or specialized knowledge who can calculate reasonable dollar figures to seek in a lawsuit. We have a trusted network of expert witnesses who testify in firefoam and other mass tort lawsuits.

firefighting foam lawsuit

Working With the Insurance Companies

Many mass tort lawsuits are settled out of court to avoid a trial. In this scenario, the insurance company that insures the defendants would have to pay the victim to settle the claim. Negotiating with the insurance company is more complex than asking the insurer for money.

The victim’s attorney must first develop evidence to support his or her case, often with the help of expert witnesses. The lawyer must then present arguments to the insurer as to why the damages demanded are reasonable. Also, the lawyer must convince the insurer that settlement is the best option for everyone. Those are only a few of the steps involved.

The insurers will naturally push back. They will undervalue the case, dismiss the evidence, and threaten a trial. But ultimately, many insurers prefer to settle firefoam lawsuits. The possibility of a significant jury verdict in the victim’s favor is simply too great for them to risk.

Nonetheless, they will negotiate, perhaps for months, with the victim’s lawyer. The attorney will then present the insurance company’s counteroffer to the victim and advise which steps to take next.

Where possible, we settle cases for the benefit of our clients so they can win the compensation they need and deserve. We are experienced negotiators who know how to work with insurers on firefoam cases. But we aren’t afraid to take a case to court if needed.

Explore Your Firefoam Lawsuit Options Today

The best decision you can make if you’ve been harmed by firefoam is to retain an experienced mass tort lawyer. That’s where Rueb Stoller Daniel comes in. We are actively recruiting victims of firefoam to take legal action on their behalf.

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