How Will My Lawyer Determine the Value of My Firefoam Lawsuit?

Figuring out an amount of monetary compensation to ask for is essential to a firefoam lawsuit and for any civil lawsuit. Discussing this with your attorney is key because it gives you an idea of how to proceed with the case. In other words, do you keep litigating or eventually settle?

Lawyers will use a number of ways to determine how much your case is worth. We will examine a major one of those methods here, the expert witness. Rueb Stoller Daniel is ready to get to work helping you win compensation for your AFFF firefighting foam injuries.

Past and Current Damages in a Firefoam Lawsuit

First, think about the costs you have already incurred. By the time you file a firefoam lawsuit, you may have racked up significant monetary losses. And they may continue piling up even as you file your paperwork. A great example is medical bills.

AFFF firefighting foam exposure has been linked to several types of cancer and other diseases. You have probably been seeing a doctor well before you talk to a lawyer about taking legal action. As your medical bills come in, they will need to be totaled along with past balances you’ve paid or still owe.

The same is true for lost income. You might have already missed work because of medical issues and may be missing work now. These lost wages can be recovered as damages in a firefighting foam case.

We will work with your medical providers, employers, and others to keep track of your past and ongoing damages.

Assessing Future Damages

Cancer and other diseases linked to firefighting foam may require years of medical treatments. But your lawsuit or settlement will happen long before your treatments ever end. Plus, you may lose future income and even the ability to work as much as you once did. These and other types of future damages are also recoverable.

But how will your lawyer arrive at a fair dollar amount to seek? This is where expert witnesses come in. Expert witnesses are people with specialized, technical knowledge. These are experts in certain fields who can explain complex subjects to juries.

With respect to future damages in a firefoam lawsuit, your lawyer will likely call on several types of expert witnesses, including the following.

Medical Experts

These expert witnesses will discuss the specific health consequences caused by firefighter foam. They can also explain the nature of the treatments (including future ones) that victims need. For instance, a medical expert witness can explain to a jury what your cancer treatments will likely be. They can even discuss more specific medical needs like medications you will require.

With this information, and supporting testimony from other experts, you can reasonably project the cost of your future treatments.

Vocational Experts

A vocational expert witness can explain the impact of your medical condition on your ability to earn a living. For instance, will you be able to return to your previous line of work? If so, will you be able to work at the same productivity level? In light of your physical limitations, what sort of career prospects might you have?

These and related topics can be explored. The goal is to determine how much in future earnings your disease will be expected to cost you.

Economic Experts

A dollar today will not be worth the same as a dollar in ten years. Inflation and other factors will affect the value of your money. That means if you are awarded certain damages today, they should take into account inflation and other future variations. Economic expert witnesses can discuss these matters, plus related issues.

Let Us Help You Demand the Maximum Compensation

Rueb Stoller Daniel is actively seeking firefighting foam victims. We are dedicated to demanding the most possible compensation by fully evaluating your situation and relying on expert testimony. We have a committed network of expert witnesses who can help assign a fair dollar amount to your firefoam lawsuit.

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