How Long Will It Take to Get Compensation in an AFFF Firefoam Lawsuit?

AFFF, or firefighting foam, is a substance used to extinguish dangerous fires for which water alone is ineffective. Scientists have known for decades that firefoam is hazardous to human health, due to the presence of PFAS chemicals. Lawsuits are now being filed to compensate firefighters and others who were harmed due to exposure to AFFF.

Many victims are wondering how long it will take for them to see justice in a firefoam lawsuit. Rueb Stoller Daniel is actively recruiting firefighting foam victims seeking damages for their injuries. We explain here how long it may take victims to win and settle cases.

Why It’s Worth Filing a Firefoam Lawsuit

Rarely is any lawsuit a quick matter. The justice system moves, but it often moves quite slowly. As a general rule, it is slower when potentially significant sums of money are involved. The legal process is essential to winning compensation that victims need to cover their injuries from dangerous products, like firefighting foam. But with that process necessarily come long time periods and delays.

There are two compelling reasons to file a firefoam lawsuit. First, injury victims generally incur serious damages because of their exposure to the toxic PFAS in firefighting foam. Those damages include:

  • Medical bills, both past and future ones, to treat cancer and other diseases
  • Lost wages due to time spent treating the victim’s disease
  • Lost earning capacity if the cancer or other disease prevents the victim from working
  • Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional distress

These and other losses could be quite substantial. Without compensation, they could be financially disastrous to victims and their families. Our firm is here to help firefighting foam victims seek the damages they deserve.

Another reason to take legal action is to hold negligent firefoam manufacturers accountable. The more lawsuits are filed, the more awareness there is about the dangers of this substance. That means other victims will file lawsuits to be compensated for their losses. It could also lead to the discontinuation of firefoam or the implementation of safety measures to prevent others from being injured.

AFFF firefighting foam

Factors that Affect the Timeline of Firefoam Lawsuits

So what are the various factors that may impact how long a firefighting foam lawsuit will take? There are at least several at work, many of which overlap.

Proving Manufacturer Negligence

Manufacturers have either known or should reasonably have known about the hazards of firefighting foam for decades. Yet they still largely insist that their products are safe when used correctly. Our legal team is gathering the evidence now to show what the manufacturers knew and when they knew it. As such evidence emerges, settlement becomes more likely.

Settlement Negotiations

Trials are to be expected at some point because of the likelihood of novel legal arguments and defenses. Plus, many manufacturers are unwilling to admit fault because they profit well off of firefoam. However, the cost of litigation could prove far higher than settlement. Your attorney will always explore settlement as a potential time-saving option.

The Number of Plaintiffs

Firefoam lawsuits are picking up steam, and by some estimates are in the thousands. The more plaintiffs bring claims, the more likely settlement becomes. But that brings us to the last factors that may dramatically impact the timeline.

The Strength of Each Case and Skill of Legal Counsel

Not all firefighting foam lawsuits are the same. Some have better arguments and higher alleged damages than others. The skill of legal representation will also affect how viable each lawsuit is. Nonetheless, as more well-documented and well-evidenced claims are filed, the better settlement negotiations look.

Whether Manufacturers Appeal Verdicts

Huge jury verdicts in favor of victims are great, but they do increase the chances that manufacturers will appeal. This could potentially delay the legal timeline. But appeals have to be expected when large sums of monetary damages are involved.

Committed to Your Firefoam Lawsuit From Start to Finish

Our firm is dedicated to seeking justice for firefoam victims, so we are in this for the long haul. We will diligently represent your interests and demand the most available damages from the beginning to the end of your case. Have you been harmed by firefoam? Give Rueb Stoller Daniel a call now to get started.