How to Choose a Hernia Mesh Lawyer

If you suffered complications from defective hernia mesh, you may have the right to join the ongoing mass tort lawsuit. However, you will need an experienced hernia mesh lawyer to evaluate the merits of your case and provide you with top-level representation in this complex legal action.

Here is how to evaluate an attorney’s ability to collaborate well with the other legal counsel in multi-district litigation and fight for fair compensation on your behalf.

A Focus on Mass Tort Litigation

Mass tort lawsuits are very different from individual personal injury lawsuits. In mass tort, thousands, or even tens of thousands of cases, are consolidated in a multi-district litigation (MDL) in a single court and before the same judge.

This means that the attorney must be proactive in communicating with the lawyers representing cases for bellwether trials. They must know the specific procedure for MDLs and provide input when the moment comes to choose bellwether cases.

At the same time, they must promote your best interests and analyze if you may obtain fair compensation if the defendant offers a settlement.

Proven Track Record in Court

A reliable hernia mesh lawyer does not only collaborate behind the scenes with other attorneys but is always ready to argue your case in court. Indeed, a skilled attorney will push for your case to be chosen for the bellwether trial if you meet the necessary criteria.

For this reason, the lawyer should be able to present their trial record, with examples of cases won and amounts secured in compensation for other clients. Of course, due to confidentiality requirements, you won’t get detailed information on cases.

However, what you learn will be sufficient to give you an idea of the lawyer’s success rate.

Communication Skills

When you join a multi-district litigation, you must accept the fact that you may not have your day in court or even be present at the proceedings. Since they likely take place in a different state and may last for months or years, commuting to keep in touch with each new development is impractical.

an experienced mass tort lawyer will explain legal terms to you

Your hernia mesh attorney must keep you up to date with every new milestone and help you understand what it means for your case. You can get an idea of the lawyer’s communication skills during the initial appointment by asking them to explain legal terms and how a mass tort lawsuit works.

A skilled attorney knows how to explain specialized terms using everyday language and helps you visualize the steps in the legal process.

Trustworthiness and Dedication

Before the first appointment, take the time to look for testimonials posted by other clients about the lawyer. Thus, you can avoid unethical attorneys who take on complex cases and later drop them or pass them on to another colleague.

Positive reviews will help you build the first level of trust with the lawyer, necessary to share with them personal medical information and sensitive details about your pain and suffering due to defective hernia mesh.

Transparent Fee Structure

A reputable lawyer is always honest and upfront about what they charge. Most mass tort lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they will retain their fee out of the settlement obtained at the end of the MDL.

The attorney should explain what percentage they charge, but also discuss with you other potential costs:

  • Filing documents and court costs
  • Traveling costs
  • Obtaining certified copies of records
  • Hiring expert witnesses
  • Other pocket costs incurred by the lawyer while pursuing your case

Schedule a Free Case Review with an Experienced Hernia Mesh Lawyer

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