Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler and Newborn to Toddler Rockers Recall

A gentle rocking movement can be soothing for infants and toddlers, but it can also be deadly if the rocker has a design flaw. This is the case of two types of rockers produced by the Mattel-owned Fisher-Price brand. Both the infant to toddler rocker and the newborn to toddler rocker developed and sold by the company were linked with hundreds of infant deaths.

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Background on the Fisher-Price Toddler Rockers Recall

Since the 1990s, Fisher-Price has sold over 17 millions Infant-to-Toddler Rockers and Newborn-to-Toddler Rockers. The product seemed to provide new parents with a few hours of respite while their baby lay comfortably in the padded rocker.

However, the incline of the rocker and the soft padding lining represented a lethal combination for increasingly active babies. Either restrained or unrestrained by the straps, babies could roll over and become stuck with their face pressed against the padding.

Thus, between 2009 and 2021, at least 13 baby deaths were directly linked to the use of the Fisher-Price rockers. In 2019, the company stopped production and recalled all products on the market

Unfortunately, not all parents got the notice or fully understood the risks posed by the product – even after a warning issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission jointly with Fisher-Price in June 2022.

The latest reported victim of the defective rocker is a 6-month old girl in November 2013.

What Type of Injuries Are Associated with the Use of Fisher-Price Rockers?

As stated above, infants placed in the Infant to Toddler and Newborn to Toddler rockers are able to roll over, getting trapped in the straps and having their faces pressed on the soft padding.

The design of the rocker makes it impossible for babies to move from this dangerous position, as witnessed by parents who were able to intervene and save their child. The most common risks for babies placed in these rockers are:

  • Suffocation
  • Flat head syndrome
  • Positional asphyxiation
  • Brain damage
  • Twisted neck syndrome
  • Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

baby rockers can be extremely dangerous

Who Is Eligible to File a Fisher-Price Rocker Lawsuit?

In order to take legal action against Fisher-Price, plaintiffs must prove the following:

  • They owner a Fisher-Price infant to toddler or newborn to toddler rocker
  • Their child was under one year old when they suffered injuries
  • The child required medical treatment or died as a result of the injuries
  • The parents suffered economic damages as a result of these injuries or death

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Can I Join a Class Action Lawsuit?

At the present, there is no class action lawsuit. However, there is a growing number of lawsuits being filed by parents whose children died or were injured in the two rocker models.

As these lawsuits are filed in various US states, it is likely that they will be consolidated into a multi-district litigation.

Types of Damages You May Seek

If you are eligible to file a Fisher-Price rocker lawsuit, you may claim the following type of damages:

  • Medical care costs
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Non-economic damages for loss of companionship

Consult with an Experienced Mass Tort Lawyer!

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