Damages That May Be Available In A Hair Straightener Lawsuit

Hair Straightener Lawsuits are starting to gain traction across the country. This is primarily attributed to the fact that a Missouri woman recently sued L’Oreal and other companies alleging their hair straightener products caused her to get uterine cancer. The plaintiff is seeking significant damages, most but not all of which are related to medical bills.

When corporations like L’Oreal make and sell dangerous products, they risk injuring numerous consumers. These individuals, in turn, could incur major expenses that they should not have to pay. Litigation allows victims to recover these costs by demanding monetary damages.

Rueb Stoller Daniel is asking women to contact our firm if they developed cancer after using hair straightener products. Here, we explain some of the damages you may be able to win.

The Goal of Demanding Damages

Damages are generally monetary awards that plaintiffs demand to make them whole. Typically, a plaintiff will have suffered an injury due to the negligent conduct of the defendant(s). Damages provide a way to recover those costs. They also pay related expenses like attorney’s fees and court costs.

Some damages are punitive in nature, meaning they are designed to punish particularly egregious conduct. With respect to hair straighteners, it is possible that punitive damages will be available in some cases. However, for the most part, damages are compensatory. They are intended primarily to compensate the victim for losses.

Damages may include past as well as future losses. In a hair straightener lawsuit, there could be a number of future damages, including those related to medical expenses. It will almost certainly be necessary to use the input of an expert witness to project future damages. Our team has a trusted network of such individuals who are routinely called upon for this purpose.

It is important to accurately calculate past damages and project future ones. Once your case settles or is decided by a jury, you won’t get to seek more damages later. We demand reasonable and fair amounts of damages to cover the real past and future needs of our clients.

Possible Damages in a Hair Straightener Lawsuit

Every lawsuit involving hair straighteners/relaxers is different, and so are the potential damages. In general, however, most plaintiffs will be able to seek the following:

Medical Bills

Treating cancer is an expensive and extensive process. It may take years or decades to deal with, and that means significant medical bills. You may require surgery, prescription medications, lab tests, x-rays, and more. There will also be plenty of follow-up visits and trips to see oncologists and other specialists.

Lost Wages

The time spent treating cancer is time spent away from work. For the victim, that means a major cost in terms of lost wages.

Lost Future Wages

It’s possible that you may not be able to return to the same job you had before developing cancer. The treatment itself could end a promising career and cost you future wages, salary, raises, bonuses, and benefits.

Pain and Suffering and Emotional Distress

These are related to non-economic damages. Having cancer can cause serious emotional trauma and suffering. For instance, you will likely worry about your health, your future, and your family’s future.

Wrongful Death

In the event the victim dies from cancer, certain eligible family members can seek wrongful death damages. These are intended to cover final medical, burial, and related expenses, among others.

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