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Sexual abuse brings along with it a long list of injuries and the worst often involves children. The most important aspect of understanding a sexual abuse case with children is to figure out who was responsible. It’s essential to get to the bottom of what happened and make sure there’s justice for the child.

With crimes such as these, most are going to involve someone that was already in the child’s life or saw them regularly. This can be an individual such as a family member, mentor, teacher, or a priest. If your child has been a victim of sexual assault, it’s time to reach out to an Atlanta sexual abuse lawyer to discuss filing taking legal recourse right away.

Sexual abuse is more than just dealing with injuries and it can often have a lasting emotional impact on the child. These injuries can make it difficult for the child to focus on other things in life. By being able to go with the best Atlanta class-action lawyers available, it’s possible to make sure sexual abuse victims receive justice for what happened. It is important to go after the person that did this and make sure they are punished legally.

We take the opportunity to make sure the task is handled well and it starts with an online consultation with a seasoned legal expert. We always take the time to handle a client’s privacy and will always keep the information confidential.

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What Actions Can Be Classified As Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is an umbrella term used to describe different actions. Some are not as easy to spot as others. A victim that is being abused by an individual may be going through it with a person close to them. This is why they are reluctant to report sexual abuse to anyone in their life.

In general, the definition of sexual abuse is any type of sexual contact that is unwanted. This can include things such as:

  • Sexually Charged Language with Minors
  • Explicit Images Shown to Children
  • Sexual Touching and/or Fondling
  • Oral Sex
  • Exposure of Genetalia to Children
  • Exposure of Pornography to Children
  • Penetration
  • Asking a Minor for Graphic Images
  • Taking Graphic Images of Minors

Sexual abuse comes in various forms and often stems from an individual in a position of power. It is this power that allows them to sexually abuse a child.

What Are Common Elements That Lead To Sexual Abuse?

Here is a deeper look at various elements of sexual abuse:


This involves an individual using their authority over the victim to abuse them. Good examples of this would be an older relative, teacher, and/or priest.


A person that is older in age can take advantage of this situation especially when it involves younger children. They will engage in making sexual advances toward the child. This can lead to multiple issues when it comes to a child’s mental health.

These can include:

  • Personality Disorders
  • Depression
  • Substance Abuse
  • Anxiety


In a lot of cases, women are often noted as being the most common victims of sexual abuse. This has a lot to do with physical size and being able to abuse the victim through strength.


Sexual abuse can happen through coercion meaning it involves grooming the victim before committing the crime. The sexual predator will pick and choose victims that will be easy to manipulate and will not speak out when something happens.

Trusted lawyers in Atlanta, GA, with years of experience are required to handle these various forms of sexual abuse. The right law firm will make sure to handle these cases the right way.

What Are Common Signs of Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse victims go through a long list of concerns involving their physical, mental, and emotional health. They may not take the time to report sexual abuse in some cases. This can prolong the problem leading to pent-up anxiety, fear, and depression.

There are several warning signs involved with sexual abuse such as:

  • Onset of Depression
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Quick Change in Behavior (Socially, At Home, In School)
  • Promiscuity
  • Unhealthy Attitude Toward Sexual Activities
  • Focused on Sex (i.e. Porn, Magazines)
  • Suffering Academically

Parents meeting with a lawyer to discuss a sexual abuse case.

When a child starts showing these types of signs, it’s important to consult with a medical professional right away. They will be able to diagnose the child and figure out what’s going on.

The right professionals can include:

  • Police
  • Doctors
  • Social Workers
  • Therapists
  • Teachers
  • School Employees
  • Law Enforcement

While it is not always taken as seriously as it should be, there is always time to speak to a sexual abuse lawyer to learn about your options to keep the child safe.

Defining Sexual Assault

Sexual assault refers to the act of molesting and/or making unwanted sexual advances. This is often slightly different in comparison to sexual abuse.

Sexual assault can include:

  • Fondling
  • Incest
  • Attempted Rape
  • Forced Penetration
  • Forced Sodomy
  • Child Molestation

In many cases, sexual assaults are never reported.

The reasons can involve:

  • Feeling Embarrassed
  • Being Afraid No One Will Believe Them
  • Don’t Think Their Accusations Will Be Seriously Handled
  • The Situation is Uncomfortable
  • Refusing To Believe It Happened
  • Scared of Retaliation

Sexual assault victims should seek legal assistance as soon as possible. The right personal injury lawyers at Rueb Stoller Daniel can help make sure this happens. Taking the time to go after those responsible for this is essential and keeps society safe.

Stats on Sexual Abuse and Assault

Stats are often revealing when it comes to what is happening in the country right now. The same applies to sexual abuse and assault. In general, the numbers are high and new cases pop up every single day.

The stats include:

  • 70% of all sexual assault cases are never reported to official authorities
  • 25% of all girls and 17% of all boys are sexually abused before turning 18
  • 93% of all victims know who the attacker was
  • A New Victim Deals with Sexual Abuse or Assault in America Every 98 Seconds
  • 40% of all Sexual Abuse Victims Find It Difficult To Socialize With Others In Life

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