Ways a Defective Drug Attorney Can Help Your Case

We need defective drug lawyers to help us get compensation from dangerous drug manufacturers. Our health is one of the essential parts of our lifestyle to invest in. That’s because it affects every other area of our lives, and we cannot function optimally when ill. For that reason, we are sure to go on regular checkups and take our prescribed drugs as directed.

Sometimes, however, the drugs we take to cure us end up complicating our health challenges. The pharmaceutical companies we entrust our lives to produce medicines that harm us. When this happens, we deserve all the justice we can get for our hurt.

This article discusses how an attorney is the best professional to help you get justice. You’d also understand the meaning of defective drugs and what you need to prove your allegations. If you are a victim of a defective drug, our mass tort lawyers can help you.

What Are Defective Drugs?

A drug or medicine is a substance that medical practitioners administer to their patients. They do this to aid the treatment or prevention of diseases. Sometimes, some medications help to diagnose an illness or enhance the effectiveness of other medicines. In essence, prescription drugs help us stay healthy and stop the harmful effects of various medical conditions.

However, many drugs have adverse side effects, and patients must consider those before ingesting them. Usually, the side effects are mild and nothing compared to the illness it fights. As such, it’s a wise idea to take them anyway. Unfortunately, the thing with defective drugs is that their side effects far outweigh the condition they claim to cure.

Sometimes, the side effects of defective drugs are so harmful that they trigger life-threatening conditions and lead to death. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulates prescription and over-the-counter medications to ensure that they’re safe. However, they may later find that some drugs are defective and recall them. Sometimes, the recall might be too late, with many people already suffering from the adverse effect.

How To Prove Your Defective Drug Claim 

You can prove your defective drug claim through the following:

  • Show That You Have an Injury or Complication

In a defective product lawsuit, you’re alleging that you had an injury. Otherwise, there would be nothing to compensate you for. Therefore, one of the essential steps in proving your claim is showing that you have an injury. Your medical records can help you prove that.

  • Prove That the Drug You Consumed Was Defective 

You need to prove that the drug was defective in one way or another. There are three ways to prove this. First, you can show that there was a defect in the manufacturing process of the drug.

Secondly, you can prove that the drug was defective through its concealed adverse side effects. That is, the manufacturers knew that the drug was harmful but failed to warn the public about it. Lastly, you can allege that the manufacturer engaged in false marketing.

  • Prove That the Defect in the Drug Caused the Injury

Not only must the drug be defective, but you must also prove that the drug and nothing else caused your complication.

Five Reasons Why You Need a Defective Drug Attorney

You can handle many claims all by yourself, but a defective drug claim is not one of them. You’d need an experienced attorney in the field to help you do the following:

  1. Carry Out Investigations: Your attorneys can help you investigate the drug to ascertain its harmfulness.
  2. Evaluate Your Claim: As a non-lawyer, you may feel that you have enough grounds to file a claim. However, only lawyers know for sure. Your attorney can offer you a free case evaluation so you wouldn’t have to waste your efforts.
  3. Get Evidence: You need all the proof you can get to file a successful claim. Your lawyer will help you get them.
  4. Carry Out Negotiations: Lawyers are skilled negotiators. They’d handle negotiations with the defendants and secure a reasonable settlement deal for you.
  5. Provide Legal Representation in a Lawsuit: Should you decide to file a lawsuit, your lawyer will be sure to sway the court’s decision to your advantage.

Let’s Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve!

Many defective products have graced different pharmacies and hospitals, from hernia mesh to IVC filters, talcum powder, Zantac, etc. Sometimes, doctors prescribe them without realizing how harmful they could be. If you’ve suffered harm from the use of any defective drugs, our experienced attorneys can help you get compensation.

At Rueb Stoller Daniel, we specialize in cases like yours. With our over 50 combined years of legal practice, we are sure to give you the top-notch representation you seek. Schedule a free consultation with us today.