Can I File a Lawsuit Against My Doctor for Administering Taxotere?

Can a doctor be sued for administering medication? In defective drug lawsuits, people usually focus on the pharmaceutical company. This is understandable since the company made and pushed the drug into the market. The reality, though, is that there are some other classes of persons you can sue.

Often, others apart from the manufacturer may be liable for any side effects of the drugs. That’s why it’s best to hire a class action lawyer when filing a Taxotere lawsuit. An excellent attorney will know whether you can add any other party to the suit. Furthermore, they can help you identify all the responsible parties for your condition.

What Is Taxotere?

Taxotere (Docetaxel) is a drug produced by Sanofi-Aventis. It’s part of the cocktail of chemotherapy drugs medical practitioners use to treat many cancer types. However, Taxotere is more famous for breast cancer chemotherapy. Rather than go for surgery, breast cancer patients can undergo chemotherapy. However, cancer patients have experienced and still suffer significant side effects after taking Taxotere.

What Are the Side Effects of Taxotere?

If your doctor treats you or has treated you with Taxotere, it would be best to know its consequences. The most pronounced downside to Taxotere is hair loss. Many people who their doctors treat with Taxotere lose significant portions of their body hair. But the hair on the head is usually the most hit; it is referred to as chemo-induced alopecia.

Furthermore, Taxotere patients may start noticing the side effects during or after treatment. However, hair loss isn’t the only danger of using Taxotere. Other side effects include:

  • Fluid retention
  • Leukemia
  • Chest and muscle pains
  • Blurred vision
  • Cytopenia (low blood cell count)
  • Allergic reactions

However, not everyone experiences the side effects of Taxotere. Furthermore, the side effects are often long-lasting. For instance, if you lose your hair, you may never get it back again. Also, how severe these side effects are, depends on how many doses your doctor gave you. So, the higher the Taxotere dosage, the greater the possibility of suffering intense side effects.

When Can My Doctor Be Liable for Treating Me With Taxotere?

If you sue your doctor for using Taxotere on you, it’ll be under medical malpractice law. Essentially, you’ll be arguing that your medical provider didn’t take the necessary care they should have taken while treating you.

There are two grounds on which you can sue your attorney for Taxotere. They include:

  • If they knew or ought to have known of the drug’s side effects; and
  • They didn’t inform you of these downsides to the drug

Establishing that your medical provider knew of the side effects of Taxotere may be challenging. One central claim against Sanofi is that they knew of their drug’s side effects. However, they neither warned medical practitioners nor the public. It wasn’t until 2015 that the Food and Drug Administration added a warning to Taxotere.

Therefore, your doctor may not have known of the side effects of Taxotere. However, the case is different if they knew. There are many chemotherapy drugs your doctor could have chosen from. Furthermore, Taxotere isn’t even the most effective cancer drug. Therefore, if they had warned you of its side effects and offered better alternatives, you may still have your hair.

What if My Doctor Used Taxotere After 2015?

If your doctor used Taxotere on you after 2015, the case becomes more straightforward. Since there is now a usage warning, they should have warned you of the side effects in a pre-treatment meeting. If they didn’t warn you, they could be liable for medical malpractice.

The liability stems from their recommendation of a drug they knew or should have learned to be defective. Here, you may not need to establish personal knowledge of the drug’s downsides. Instead, the product warning should be sufficient notice of the drug’s dangers.

Rueb Stoller Daniel Can Get You Compensation for Your Suffering 

Did your doctor treat you with Taxotere? Have you started experiencing the drug’s side effects on your hair and body? If so, you may have a lawsuit against the company and your doctor. However, you’ll need a mass tort attorney to file your claim correctly. Proceeding against pharmaceutical companies and medical practitioners without an attorney is a bad idea.

Both classes of defendants have significant resources to defend lawsuits. So, they’ll hire the best lawyers. At Rueb Stoller Daniel, we have represented many victims of defective drugs in America. Furthermore, we’ve recorded significant wins. We’re also confident that we can get you a reasonable compensation too. Therefore, it’ll be best to call us today for a FREE consultation on your case.