American Gene Technologies Marks a Milestone in HIV Cure Program

The cure for HIV or an HIV vaccine has been the focal point for researchers after reducing infection rates with PrEP drugs. A biotech company working to find a cure for ailments like cancer and HIV seems to have made promising progress. The company American Gene Technologies (AGT) recently celebrated its HIV cure program.

The program is currently in phase one of human trials, with the first participant, an unnamed man, receiving treatment in May. According to a news report, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is currently reviewing AGT’s new cell therapy product’s safety (AGT103-T).

AGT’s CEO, Jeff Galvin, said they are putting viruses in the participants’ bodies, going to specific cells, and making specific changes in a targeted way. He added that the first patient was stellar. According to the CEO, they are celebrating the safety data of the HIV cure program because the process of cell modification in the trial patients showed “safety.”

The gene tech company is waiting for the FDA’s Data and Safety Monitoring Board’s decision to know if they can proceed with more patients. If the company gets the approval to move forward, they’ll be able to take blood samples from the trial participants to see if the modified T-cells are healthy and working as intended.

In Galvin’s words, it would be an efficacy signal to convince the scientific society that they have achieved the cure for HIV or are tremendously close. Moreover, finding a cure would mean that HIV patients and those likely to contract the virus no longer have to rely on PrEP drugs like Truvada.

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