Truvada Lawsuit in Washington DC

In the market, there is a wide range of antiretroviral drugs being prescribed to people who needed it, but the most common is Truvada. Just like other forms of medication, Truvada has adverse reactions and side effects, some of them are serious and if not, lethal. For example, some people taking this drug may experience some of these severe adverse reactions such as osteoporosis or kidney failure. These people often seek compensation for these damages with the help of Truvada lawsuit attorneys in Washington DC.

Generally speaking, the drug manufacturer and maker have informed the consumers of the possible side effects – which seems like a good thing, right? However, they have left out some essential information on purpose, such as some facts that could minimize, or eliminate these side effects in general. With that being said, this is a huge mistake on their part and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

If you’re one of the people who’ve taken the drug and experienced these health conditions, or probably you know one of your family or friends have had the same experience, you have the option to seek and receive compensation for the health injuries you’ve sustained. One of the best ways you can do so is by talking with a lawyer. Without a single doubt, Rueb Stoller Daniel law office is an impeccable choice, mainly because of our mass tort lawyer’s extensive years of experience in the field.

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Truvada Introduction: What Is It?

Truvada is manufactured by Gilead Sciences. This particular drug contains Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate, or TDF for short and Emtricitabine. Both are antiretroviral drugs that are combined in a single Truvada dose – with the hopes that patients wouldn’t have to go through taking two different drugs but taking one instead. This is commonly used as a PrEP drug for patients who are being treated for HIV or AIDS. Additionally, the drug is also being given to those people who are at risk of HIV exposure.

Is Truvada Causing Kidney Problems?

There is no denying that fully-functional kidneys play a crucial role in good health and wellness in general. Most drugs, including antiretroviral meds, are processed and broken down by our body’s kidneys – this is very crucial especially for those with HIV. However, for the majority of HIV patients, they usually have an underlying kidney condition. With that being said, taking Truvada may help with the treatment of HIV, but at the same time, could cause potential damage and health risks to the person’s kidney, thus, making things worse. The chances for that person to experience major health issues like chronic kidney disease or even kidney failure are high.

According to a study made by the University of California in 2012, it has been found out that people have 33% more chances of suffering from developing chronic kidney conditions for every year that they have been taking the drug. Unfortunately, even after the medications have been halted, people who took these medications may still show side effects and may continue for 12 months more.

How Is Truvada Related To Bone Injuries?

Gilead is now being faced with numerous lawsuits and cases, despite the fact that they have monopolized the industry for HIV drugs, the said company is now being faced with lawsuits from patients who have experienced bone loss as a reaction to TDF. These signs of bone loss are caused by the bone’s reduced amount of mineral density. Sadly, these patients’ bone health may have been spared only if they were informed because different options are considered to be better and more reliable than Truvada.

Washington, D.C. Truvada Lawsuit Attorneys

If you’re in Washington DC, experienced lawyers at Rueb Stoller Daniel are always available to help you with your case. They may represent you if you’re experiencing either osteopenia, osteoporosis, or bone density loss caused by using Truvada, or other drugs manufactured by Gilead Sciences for that matter. If we decide to take on your case and represent you when it comes to your bone density loss due to TDF, money would be your least concern. Instead of paying us upfront, we work on an arrangement where the cost of our services would fall under a contingency fee basis. This means that unless you receive a settlement or compensation, our law office won’t get paid.

What Truvada Side Effects Are Causing Lawsuits?

Different studies have been made linking antiretroviral drugs like Truvada to various side effects such as kidney disease, bone density loss, and osteoporosis.

Bone problems, as mentioned earlier, are caused by the faster rate where bone density is higher. What does this mean? It means that the bone loss density is lost faster than the bone can naturally recover. As a result, the bone’s strength and mass are highly affected.

Researchers have also noted that people with HIV who are using Truvada or other types of TDF drugs like Atripla, Symfilo, Viread and Stribilid are at high risk for developing renal failure or kidney diseases. Revised and recent drugs of TDF are considered to be safer alternatives as they don’t carry the same side effects and risks than Truvada. However, Gilead Sciences has decided to delay the release of these drugs so that they could extend the patients’ use of Truvada instead.

Numerous patients have been filing lawsuits towards Gilead Sciences in the hopes that they could receive compensation for the damages they have received caused by their drugs. We strongly believe that Gilead Sciences have to own up to their mistake and needs to be held responsible for causing various health conditions such as bone diseases and renal failures. The best thing that you can do to hold them accountable for this is by filing a lawsuit against Gilead Sciences.

Some of the most common renal problems related to Truvada may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Acute kidney injury
  • Acute renal failure
  • Partial or total kidney failure
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Fanconi syndrome
  • Reduced Kidney functionality

On the other hand, some of the typical bone injuries that people experience after taking Truvada may include:

  • Osteoporosis and/or osteopenia
  • Bone density loss
  • Tooth loss or decay
  • Dental issues
  • Bone fracture

Are There Ongoing Cases Against Truvada?

Up to date, there are numerous lawsuits filed against Gilead Sciences, mainly from HIV patients who have experienced side effects from taking their antiretroviral medications. There is a total of 41 lawsuits against Gilead Sciences from patients coming from 12 various states since April of 2019. The majority of these cases are filed under personal injury.

If you’ve personally experienced these side effects, or know someone who is suffering from these health risks after using Truvada, you may be qualified to file a lawsuit against Gilead Sciences for the injuries you’ve sustained. Side effects may not just be painful, but they can also cause you financial burden as these usually come with high medical bills. In general, filing a case against the said manufacturer is one of the best ways to receive compensation for the damages you’ve received.

Gilead Sciences Delayed The Release Of Better Drugs And Is Now Being Sued For It

Starting May of 2018, various patients who have suffered the side effects have started to file a lawsuit against the huge manufacturer. Based on the records of these lawsuits, these plaintiffs mentioned that Gilead Sciences have intentionally delayed the release of their better and safer version of TDF. The plaintiffs have mentioned that the said drug manufacturer didn’t provide sufficient warnings about these medications, even though it has been said that they are aware of all of these health risks since 2001.

Class-Action Lawsuits Against Truvada

41 patients in total have filed a class-action lawsuit against the drug manufacturer in April of 2019. The lawsuit’s objective is to receive a settlement or compensation for the injuries they’ve sustained after using Gilead Sciences’ Truvada drugs.

Gilead Sciences Lawsuits Related To Truvada

Aside from these, Gilead Sciences is also being faced with various lawsuits from individuals who have been using Truvada as a well-known HIV drug. These individuals have been experiencing serious side effects caused by the medication, including osteoporosis, kidney failure, and even fractured bones.

Can I Sue Gilead Sciences?

Rueb Stoller Daniel is currently accepting various personal injury cases that are all related to Truvada – no matter which state you’re from. If you have personally experienced side effects, or know someone you love has suffered from these adverse reactions such as major bone loss, dental issues, kidney and/or renal failures, feel free to contact us today for your free consultation.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Pursue My Lawsuit Against Gilead Sciences?

All of our personal injury lawyers here at Rueb Stoller Daniel who are working on the Truvada cases are paid on a contingency fee basis. This simply means that you don’t have to pay any of our lawyers in advance – but instead, we’ll cut a small fee from the compensation or settlement you’ll receive from the lawsuit. This means that our lawyers won’t get paid unless you do.

Generally speaking, the contingency fee isn’t fixed – it takes a percentage of the settlement fee that you’re about to receive. The fee may vary depending on the lawyers’ expertise and experience level, the difficulty of the case, as well as the resources that have been used to make this lawsuit happen.

An attorney meeting with a client for a Truvada lawsuit.

Let’s be honest, personal injury cases may tend to get expensive, considering that you need both medical and legal experts to make a strong case. With that being said, the contingency fee for these types of cases is slightly higher as compared to other types of cases we’re handling.

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Numerous lawsuits are currently being filed against Truvada’s manufacturer, Gilead Sciences. They have been deceiving individuals by failing to provide essential information and warnings, not to mention that they haven’t improved the quality of their drugs despite the fact that they’re familiar with these side effects. If Gilead Sciences have just taken action on those things, many people’s lives will be saved. Unfortunately, greed took over the company, as they have obviously prioritized money over the safety of their consumers.

Bear in mind that not all Truvada cases are the same. These cases may be judged by different factors. To make sure that you receive the best outcome for this lawsuit, make sure that you get only the best lawyers you can. The Washington DC mass tort firm of Rueb Stoller Daniel specializes in class action lawsuits and mass tort cases. At the moment, we are accepting cases related to Truvada. By choosing to work with our experienced team of attorneys, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your case is being taken care of only by the best, knowledgeable lawyers.