Is it Advisable to Delay Filing My Claim Until a Taxotere Recall Occurs?

A Taxotere recall would be such great news for the many cancer patients who have suffered varying degrees of injury due to its adverse side effects. Taxotere is a chemotherapy drug administered through the veins.

It has proven to be quite useful in attacking cancer cells and has been used in effectively managing breast cancer and other forms of the ailment. Apart from being an effective drug, it’s more convenient for cancer patients because it’s taken every three weeks instead of weekly.

However, while useful, Taxotere has several side effects that can prove to be more damaging than its benefits. Many patients and doctors are now suing the drug manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis, in a mass suit.

If you have suffered harm due to this drug’s side effects, you may wonder how viable the lawsuits are since the drugs haven’t been recalled and remain in the market. We’ll discuss it in this article.

What Are the Side Effects of Taxotere? 

Chemotherapy drugs are potent drugs that use strong chemicals to inhibit cancer cells’ fast growth process in the body. Used alone or in combination with other medications, they can be effective against different types of cancer.

Because they are incredibly potent chemicals, they cause some side effects to the patient. These side effects range from headaches to nausea, vomiting, pain, fever, fatigue, constipation, etc.

But for Taxotere, the side effects are far-reaching and can cause permanent balding, a condition that cancer patients find to be very insensitive to their plight. Hair loss is one of the side effects of chemotherapy and has, in recent times, been a significant identification of a cancer patient.

While chemo treatments can cause hair loss, permanent balding is considered an extremity — one that people aren’t ready to accommodate. Many breast cancer patients said they would have preferred losing one of their breasts to permanent balding, and if they had known of this side effect, they would not have agreed to the treatment.

Should I Wait Till a Recall Before I File a Lawsuit? 

Although there have been many lawsuits in different parts of the country claiming compensation for Taxotere’s undisclosed side effects, the FDA hasn’t yet recalled the drug. Instead, they have issued warnings about its side effects and have updated Taxotere’s label to reflect this.

For some persons, this spells doom to the success of pending law claims against Taxotere’s manufacturer. However, the success of a Taxotere lawsuit isn’t dependent on FDA’s drug recall.

The Taxotere lawsuit’s substance is not based on whether the drug’s side effects outweigh its benefits. Instead, the claimants are contesting that the manufacturers were negligent in not disclosing the drug’s full side effects, therefore taking away their freedom to choose if they’d accept its treatment with its side effects.

Is there a Limitation Period Within Which to File My Claim? 

Like with every other personal injury lawsuit, a Taxotere lawsuit has a maximum time to file a claim. This is the more reason claimants shouldn’t waste time in bringing their claims forward. The time limits differ from state to state. If you’d like to get well-informed reports on your state’s limitation, you should contact a personal injury attorney in your state.

How Do I Proceed With a Lawsuit? 

If you’d like to join a Taxotere lawsuit, you’d need to see a doctor and then a personal injury lawyer who may also advise you to report the happenings to FDA. Your attorney will review your case and let you know if you have a viable claim. Your attorney will also advise you on the best steps to take if you have a legitimate claim.

You Need a Personal Injury Attorney for Your Mass Tort Claims

Having a legitimate claim is only one step towards getting the compensation you deserve. More than just having a viable claim, you’d need to prove it in court. Only an experienced personal injury or mass tort lawyer would help you prove your case and convince the court that you’re deserving of compensation.

Let Rueb Stoller Daniel Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve!

Permanent balding does not only cause physical disfigurement but emotional and psychological distress too. You probably would not have agreed to a Taxotere treatment if you were aware of this side-effect. If you’d want compensation for this negligent act, Rueb Stoller Daniel has the best-experienced mass tort or personal injury lawyers to help with your claim. We are a national firm with offices in several states; contact us for a free consultation today.