Why Is Truvada Still Advertising Even With Known Health Issues?

Truvada is the ‘PrEP’ pill for people who are in high-risk groups or believe they are susceptible to HIV or AIDS. HIV infection has dramatically decreased infection rates since the epidemic in the 1980s. So why are people still so concerned? Although the spread of the virus has slowed, people are still likely to become HIV positive if they’re engaging in risky sexual behavior.

But it’s been made very public that Truvada comes with serious health risks, including the possibility of cancer, kidney disease, and other life-changing conditions. So why is Truvada advertising still, saying that they’re a “safe” prep pill?

Who Can Receive a Truvada Prescription?

Virtually anyone who states that they have high-risk sex habits can get a prescription for Truvada. However, doctors do look at particular trends, such as ethnicity, age, and sexual preference. In short, though, if you go into your doctor’s office and you are adamant that you need Truvada, they will likely give you a prescription. Now many of the issues that arose with this type of by-request prescribing and the lack of communication on possible side-effects is that doctors relied on Truvada provided informative materials.

From mass-printed pamphlets to the insert that comes with the prescription. Most doctors did not do their research about this drug, and it’s possible downfalls. They left it up to the patient who likely saw a misleading commercial and decided that they wanted the drug. With a disease as scary as HIV or AIDS, it is very realistic to believe that people who are very low risk would want to take PrEP as well.

Facebook Removes Injury Related to Truvada Advertising

In response to not only health experts, but also HIV activist groups and countless people within the LGBT+ community, Facebook is removing ads that suggest that Truvada is possibly linked to kidney or bone disease. They’re doing so because of the awareness of these statements that these groups collectively brought to the company’s attention. However, Truvada acknowledges in their own advertisements that it’s possible that there will be a loss of kidney or liver function when taking Truvada.

Additionally, it’s a troublesome element for health officials who have found in numerous studies over recent years that Truvada often leads to a decrease in bone density. A loss of bone density is not something many people recovery; it typically leads to many other health complications. So why is Facebook taking down Truvada advertising that they feel are misleading and supporting groups who claim the information is wrong without proof?

Facebook, as an advertising platform, has decided that its advertising should gear toward the possibilities, not the probabilities. In response to an open letter regarding Truvada back in July. The company decided to advertise based on how they weighed the risks and possible benefits of Truvada, although Facebook is not a leading pharmaceutical research company or health official.

Misleading Truvada Advertising Addressed

Consumer Notice acknowledged in their coverage of Truvada lawsuits that Truvada or Gilead Sciences failed to notify the public during their advertisements of the possible renal failure and bone density loss. Of course, Gilead Sciences changed some wording in the Truvada advertisements lately, but how does this help the people who had taken PrEP for years, not knowing the damage it was possibly doing to their kidneys?

The short answer is that it doesn’t help them at all. What is happening right now is a convergence of old litigation and new laws. Truvada does come with risks. They make that known. However, the extent of their misleading information and the extent of the possibility of renal failure or bone density loss aren’t entirely known. Few have brought formal lawsuits against Gilead Sciences.

What To Do When You Receive a Diagnosis Associated with Truvada?

In Washington D.C., you have a few options. Of course, you’ll want to prioritize your medical care. But, you’ll want to really think through the legal possibilities. At Rueb Stoller Daniel, our team looks out for ways to build cases for people who aren’t fully informed of the risks of Truvada. If you’re interested in learning more about what the stages of a mass tort case are, visit this page. As part of our efforts, we work closely with individuals to understand their situation and what led to the prescription.

Of course, no preventative measures are worth the permanent loss of bone density or total loss of kidney function. While avoiding HIV is something that many should worry about, the victims of Truvada’s misinformation through advertising are continuing to rise in numbers. Talk to a Washington, D.C. mass tort attorney to start building your case today.