What Types of Medical Damages Can You Seek in a Hair Straightener Lawsuit?

The numerous hair straightener lawsuits are designed to seek a variety of damages. The largest category of damages is expected to be those concerning medical expenses. As anyone who has ever been to a doctor or hospital knows, medical bills can be significant. This is especially the case when treating the various conditions linked to hair straightener products.

Rueb Stoller Daniel takes a look at what kinds of damages victims may be able to seek.

Health Problems Linked to Hair Straighteners

The chemicals in hair straighteners have been connected with several serious diseases and conditions, such as:

Cancer is the most serious of these conditions, but not the only one. Regardless of which ailment a victim develops, major treatment will be necessary. That could spell significant medical bills that the manufacturers of these products should be responsible for paying.

Medical Damages You May Seek

Cancer, in general, can require quite intensive treatment. Here are some of the possible therapies.

  • Surgery: This is an option for many types of cancer and other conditions linked to hair straighteners. Cancer surgery is a major operation that involves the physical removal of tumors and affected tissue.
  • Chemotherapy: “Chemo” drugs are given to a patient to destroy cancer cells. They can be taken orally or by an intravenous line (IV). The patient may need a combination of different drugs given at once.
  • Radiation: Radiation therapy is effective at killing growing cancer cells. It involves the use of X-rays, particles, or radioactive seeds to destroy the cells.
  • Immunotherapy: The objective of immunotherapy is to strengthen one’s own immune system to fight cancer. Drugs are carefully administered to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells.
  • Hormone therapy: This form of treatment is effective against cancers that are fueled by hormones. Two examples are breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Hyperthermia: This is the use of heat to damage and kill cancer cells. It can be used on a small area, like a tumor, or even the entire body.
  • Cryotherapy: Think of cryotherapy as the opposite of hyperthermia. It is the use of freezing cold substances to destroy cancer cells. Cryotherapy may also be used to treat pre-cancerous cells.
  • Hospitalization: The above and other forms of treatment are not necessarily the only ones. But they can require hospitalization for at least short periods of time.
  • Other medications: These may be needed for conditions other than cancer. For example, medications can treat uterine fibroids.
  • Treatment of side effects and re-treatments: Patients often need additional treatments and medications to deal with side effects. Re-treatments may also be necessary if the cancer is aggressive or returns.

How an Attorney Can Help You Claim Hair Straightener Damages

Our firm works to ensure that victims of dangerous consumer products receive all the damages they deserve. Medical damages include past expenses that victims have already incurred. But many of the above treatments will be necessary long into the future.

Your lawyer’s goal will be to give a reasonable estimate of what those treatments will be. In turn, your lawyer can explain to a court what the costs of these will likely be. Because you only get one trial or settlement, it is important to correctly estimate all future damages you will need.

Expert witness testimony may be particularly helpful in this respect. An expert witness is someone who can explain a technical or complex subject to a jury. Medical expert witnesses can discuss the future treatments a victim will require. If you’re interested in learning more about if there is a deadline to file a hair straightener lawsuit, visit this page.

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