Los Angeles Mesothelioma Lawsuit

Mesothelioma represents one of the most devastating types of legal cases. This is a very aggressive form of cancer. This is caused by a material that is called asbestos. Not too long ago, it was used in a multitude of products. They did this because they did not know how dangerous it was. This material could be found in virtually every modern building. Back in the 80s, it was in commercial buildings, and public buildings, and it was removed. There was a great fear that it would cause harm to citizens, especially children that were around it. This has seen a massive increase in Los Angeles mesothelioma lawsuit cases in recent years.

The prognosis for anyone that has this form of cancer is very bad, with only 40% that are diagnosed living for about a year. Some of them are able to live for five years with the disease. Unfortunately, the bad news is that it has a mortality rate of 100%. It may feel like a death sentence when you are diagnosed with mesothelioma. When people undergo treatment, they try to live their lives as full as possible. It is also possible for them to get some type of treatment. However, even if they do get treated, a year or two of life is all that they can look forward to.

If you do have a loved one that has worked around asbestos, or if you know someone that has been diagnosed with this condition, mass tort lawyers in Los Angeles will be able to help.

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How Do Los Angeles Lawyers Handle Mesothelioma Cases?

Most mesothelioma claims end up being class-action lawsuits. This is because there are often large numbers of people that are infected at one location. There will only be a few lawyers that are working with multiple people at one time. Once they are able to settle the case, each person receives a share of the total judgment.

Obviously, those that are defending these people understand how dire the prognosis is. Their goal is to get this done as soon as possible as they only have a few years to live. It really is the ultimate Catch-22 situation:

In some cases, those that have filed lawsuits will often reach settlements quickly when they realize that most of these individuals are going to die. The reason they do this is to avoid what is called a wrongful death case and that can lead to even more liability on the part of the company.

Defendants in Los Angeles, CA, will always have a couple of options. One option is to settle quickly for a lower amount. Others are going to wait it out and hope to get the full amount that is recommended by the attorneys.

It was only after asbestos was directly tied to this disease that it became illegal. No asbestos products at all can be used with new construction projects. The individuals that did work with this material in the fields would have to use very special precautions. Unfortunately, these precautions were recommended far too late.

Today, there are not as many plaintiffs with this condition today. It is because asbestos is not as prevalent as it was before. When lawyers see plaintiffs today, it is because they were exposed many years ago. That’s why it is so important to handle individuals, instead of pursuing class-action suits, in our modern times.

A lawyer reviewing a mesothelioma claim with a client.

How Much Can You Get in a Los Angeles Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

Since the most obvious issue is that each plaintiff is going to die, the jury will often award very high amounts. If it is an early settlement, they will often be forced to provide a lower amount. If they are lower, it is likely because they did not go to trial. Their goal was to secure the settlement for the family of the individual, preferably before they were gone.

In general, mesothelioma cases do lead to large settlements. Unfortunately, most plaintiffs will not live long enough to go to trial or get a settlement. The amount of the settlement depends on:

  • Where the lawsuit was filed
  • The number of defendants
  • The diagnosis and medical history of each person
  • What the actual damages represent
  • The strength of the evidence

It is the pain-and-suffering that these individuals experience that often represents how large the settlement will be. There is quite a bit of that with these cases. It’s not just the pain that the plaintiff is going to experience. The family of the plaintiffs will also suffer. A person will not be able to care for their family in his or her absence and therefore the compensation or settlement is based upon that.

If the plaintiff decides to file a wrongful death case, the amount of the settlement could be much higher. In some cases, family members will file a lawsuit on behalf of someone they have just lost. In these cases, people are very sympathetic on the jury and defendants understand that. That’s why settling early is often the best solution for everyone involved.

Contact Rueb Stoller Daniel If You Need A Mass Tort Attorney In LA

In every case, mesothelioma leads to death. If you have currently been diagnosed with this, perhaps because of exposure to asbestos, you need to contact a mass tort law firm in LA. Our attorneys can review your case and determine whether or not you have a claim.

There is a statute of limitations for mesothelioma cases in Los Angeles which is one year from the date of the diagnosis. That’s why it is important to contact a lawyer immediately. This is a very devastating illness. It is bad for both the patient and the family. People that have this illness will not survive more than a year. Depending upon the nature of the disease, they may also find it difficult to go through this type of lawsuit.

Once you have contacted your mass tort lawyer, they will spend time with you to determine what to do next. The case will be filed rapidly so that they can begin working on a settlement. These particular lawyers are very understanding and compassionate, completely aware that they need to act quickly for the family and the client. You should contact them for a free initial consultation right away. Most insurance companies do have teams of lawyers that are working with them. It’s always good to have a very experienced mass tort lawyer working with you!