Essential Information Regarding Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Talcum powder lawsuits are on the rise in the US. The use of talcum powder is not foreign to most of us. You may have seen someone dust a baby with talcum powder before. You may have even done it yourself. However, there is another way to use this powder.

Talcum powder is one of the most common types of powder that females use on their private parts. Researchers have linked the use of this powder to different types of cancers. These include ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer, borderline serous tumors, and borderline mucinous tumors.

The first study that linked ovarian cancer to talcum powder surfaced in 1971. Since then, many other studies have continued to make this link. However, talcum powder manufacturers continued to manufacture this product, even when they knew the risks. As such, there are currently different ongoing lawsuits filed against owners of talcum powder brands.

Ladies who have contracted cancer or their families are suing the manufacturers of this powder. If you have also developed complications or adverse medical conditions, you can join one of the class action lawsuits or file one yourself. Our mass tort lawyers can help you with this.

How Does Talcum Powder Cause Cancer?

The main ingredient in talcum powder, talc, is made of magnesium,  oxygen, and silicon. Many people use talcum because it helps to reduce friction in the area it is applied to.

While this is a great advantage of the use of talcum powder, it also has severe consequences. When women use talcum powder on their privates, the talc could get absorbed into their ovaries. This could cause inflammation and may lead to cancer eventually.

Requirements for Filing a Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Before you file a talcum powder lawsuit, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Usage: You must have used talcum powder. In many cases, you must prove that you have used this powder.
  2. Area of Usage: You must have used the powder on your genital area. You should also have proof that you used talcum powder in this area.
  3. Proof of Usage: You must have undergone a biopsy whose results show that you’ve used talcum powder. Results of the biopsy will come in handy during your lawsuits, so you should keep them.
  4. Frequency of Usage: You must have used talcum powder within the genital area daily for four years or more.
  5. Type of Cancer: You must have developed a form of ovarian cancer or Invasive Fallopian Tube Cancer from talcum powder usage.
  6. Absence of Genetic Disorder: A few genetic disorders make you susceptible to ovarian cancer. Some of these are BRCA 1 gene or BRCA 2 gene. If you have any of these genetic disorders, you might not be able to file a lawsuit.
  7. Time of Diagnosis: You must have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer or a related disease after 2005. If you do not have a diagnosis, a surgical pathology report will suffice. You should also note that the time of diagnosis might affect your lawsuit. You might have about six (6) years from when you get a diagnosis for your case to be valid. As such, you should make haste to contact a mass tort lawyer today.

What Do I Need To Know To File a Talcum Powder Lawsuit?

To file a talcum powder lawsuit, you might have to contact an experienced mass tort lawyer. If you are not certain about meeting the above requirements or have any questions, a legal team will help you.

You can also file a lawsuit if you lost a family member or loved one due to a disease they contracted because of talcum powder. A lawyer will help you sort through the details and help you find out your case’s peculiarities.

You might decide to file a lawsuit on your own to go after the Big Pharma companies that manufacture talcum powder. There are also many class-action suits that you may join. Whatever you choose, your lawyer will advise on the best steps to take to get the compensation you deserve.

A part of the first few steps to take while filing a lawsuit is obtaining a few important documents. These include medical records, biopsy reports, evidence of frequent usage of talcum powder, etc.

Going against Big Pharma is never easy. However, with the right representation, you could get the compensation that you deserve.

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