How An Attorney Can Help With Your Hair Straightener Lawsuit

Mass tort lawsuits occur when multiple claims are brought against the same defendant(s) at once. This is contrasted with class action lawsuits, involving one major litigation action against defendants.

Our law firm handles both types of claims, which are likely to emerge concerning hair straightener lawsuits. You may be tempted to take legal action on your own, and you have the right. But there are considerable advantages to retaining experienced legal counsel.

As lawsuits continue to be filed concerning hair straighteners and their link to cancer, we’re ready to help. Rueb Stoller Daniel is actively seeking individuals who have incurred health consequences at the hand of these beauty products. Here we explain why having an attorney assist your case is so critical.

Familiarity with the Law and Civil Procedure

The most obvious benefit of having a skilled lawyer is a fluent understanding and handling of the law. But the law is more than just statutes and prior court decisions. For instance, you will need to understand civil procedure.

This is the body of rules and regulations that govern the conduct of civil lawsuits. Courts and parties are required to follow these rules to ensure due process and provide order to how the case proceeds. Sanctions can be imposed for disregarding these rules.

There are also rules of evidence. Broadly, evidence can be thought of as both tangible things (like documents and lab test results) and witness testimony. Witness testimony is further broken down into lay witnesses (including the victims themselves) and expert witnesses. The latter are individuals with specialized knowledge who can explain complex subject matters to a jury.

Before an item or testimony can be admitted in court, it must meet the rules of evidence. One rule concerns relevance, which is used to exclude things that don’t pertain to the case. There are other rules concerning hearsay, authentication, and much more. Failure to know the rules could result in your evidence being excluded or your adversary’s evidence improperly being admitted.

Finally, some courts have their own rules (known as local rules) that must be followed. Our firm has a thorough understanding of the substantive and procedural law that will govern your lawsuit.

Conducting Discovery

Discovery is the formal process by which parties exchange evidence and information with one another. It also concerns obtaining evidence from third parties. When you initiate a lawsuit, you will likely have some but not all of the evidence you will need. Discovery is there to provide a way to acquire the evidence necessary to build your case.

Attorneys have several methods of discovery at their disposal, including:

  • Requests for Admission
  • Requests for Production of Documents
  • Interrogatories
  • Subpoenas
  • Depositions

Each of these has its own rules and restrictions. As a general matter, for instance, discovery cannot be used to obtain information that is not relevant to the case. Parties can object to discovery and ask a court to weigh in on its propriety. An experienced attorney can help you use discovery to your advantage and properly respond to other parties’ discovery requests.

Quantifying Your Damages

Plaintiffs in mass tort actions have the burden of proving the nature and amount of their damages. And you usually only get one chance to do so. Once your case either settles or is decided by a court, you won’t get to ask for more compensation later.

This limitation becomes especially important when it comes to winning future damages. One example of future damages is medical expenses. In a hair straightener lawsuit, plaintiffs will argue that they developed conditions (e.g. cancer) requiring potentially years of treatments. Your damages should reasonably account for the expenses associated with these future damages.

Our team understands how to demand damages that fairly compensate our clients. We know how to quantify past damages and reasonably calculate future ones as well.

Ready To Start On Your Hair Straightener Lawsuit?

If you developed adverse health effects from hair straighteners or relaxers and are ready to take legal action, call Rueb Stoller Daniel. We can provide you with general information about these claims and answer your questions and concerns. Let us work with you to help win the damages you deserve. Call today.