Factors That May Affect the Timeline of Your Hair Straightener Lawsuit

Victims of dangerous consumer products, like hair straighteners, only want justice. But the reality of the legal system can be frustrating. Lawsuits can take a long time to work their way through the courts. Here, we examine a few of the factors that can affect how long your hair straightener lawsuit may take.

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Waiting Too Long to File Is a Bad Idea

Once the lawsuit is in the court system it may take a while before the victim receives justice. But that doesn’t mean the victim can wait indefinitely to file the claim. Deadlines, known as statutes of limitation, apply to civil lawsuits. They vary from one state and type of lawsuit to another. If you wait too long, and the deadline passes, you can never file.

It’s also not a good idea to wait until the last minute to file. Although you may beat the statute of limitations, you might not put forth the strongest case. You and your lawyer need time to develop and file a compelling lawsuit. Also, the longer you wait to file, the harder it is to locate the evidence you need. Talk to our legal team right away if you were harmed by a hair straightener product.

How Long Could a Hair Straightener Lawsuit Last?

An experienced attorney can give you a rough estimate of how long a lawsuit might take. Various factors could affect this timeline, including the following.

Whether the Lawsuit Is Consolidated

When numerous lawsuits involving the same subject matter are filed, they are sometimes consolidated into MDL (multidistrict litigation) claims. This has already happened to several hair straightener claims. However, individual lawsuits are still ongoing. Consolidation can impact the ultimate duration of the lawsuit.

Whether the lawsuit settles out of court. A hair straightener lawsuit can be settled at any time, even on the day of the trial. The decision of whether to settle is complex and depends upon:

  • The strength of the lawsuit
  • Other lawsuit verdicts and settlements
  • Whether more lawsuits are likely to be filed
  • The risks of trial versus the benefits of settlement
  • The plaintiff’s and defendant’s willingness to settle.

Where possible, your attorney will work to settle your case to your advantage. This could save time and money and avoid the hassle of a trial.

The Facts and Allegations of the Lawsuit

How complex are the claims of your lawsuit? How many defendants are there? What sort of medical and scientific evidence may be needed to prove your claims? The answers to these and other questions can affect how strong your claim is. In turn, this will influence the time it takes to settle or try your case.

Other factors. It’s impossible to list everything that can either delay or speed up your case. A few other factors that influence how long hair straightener lawsuits take include:

  • How packed the court’s dockets are
  • The availability of witnesses and expert witnesses
  • The lawyers’ trial schedules
  • Circumstances beyond anyone’s control, such as the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Appeals by either the plaintiff or defendant.

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