Bayer Avoids Trial, Settles Roundup Claims 2 Days Before Trial

On April 7, 2022, in St. Louis, MO, the biotech giant Bayer reached another round of settlements to resolve claims related to their weedkiller, Roundup. The corporate home of Monsanto, the company that originally developed Roundup, until its acquisition in 2018 by Bayer, St. Louis was set to play host to a trial beginning April 11.

The agreement covers a lawsuit filed in 2017 by dozens of plaintiffs from across the United States, with the lead plaintiff being St. Louis resident Earl Neal. The plaintiffs argued that through their exposure to Roundup, they developed non-Hodgkins lymphoma and that Monsanto knew the product was dangerous and did nothing to either warn consumers, make the product safer, or pull it from shelves.

Terms of the agreement are confidential, but Bayer has paid out billions of dollars in settlements, including a $10 Billion settlement in 2020 that settled the bulk of the claims against the company. As of Q1 2022, Bayer estimated that 107,000 of approximately 138,000 claims that have been filed have been resolved or found ineligible.

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