Phoenix Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

If there is one thing that has remained consistent on TV all this time, it is the commercials for mass tort action lawsuits. In these commercials, fancy attorneys for Hernia Mesh Cases encourage people to call them by promising them millions of dollars in compensation. These attorneys often make people believe that it’s easy to win a mass tort action lawsuit.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In most cases, a Phoenix hernia mesh lawsuit lawyer is going up against some of the biggest corporations in the world, and these companies have a lot of money. These lawsuits often involve complex medical issues. In many cases, it takes more than a year to develop mass tort action lawsuits. It’s often painful, depressing, and frustrating for the plaintiffs.

Even though plaintiffs have a painful experience developing the lawsuits but it’s important to file these mass tort lawsuits. These lawsuits are essential to protect individuals like yourself and the general public from harmful and/or defective products. In most cases, they file these mass tort lawsuits for injuries caused by medical products, pollution, and dangerous drugs. Contact the Phoenix mass tort law firm of Rueb Stoller Daniel today at (833) 44-DRLAW to learn how we can help your claim. Schedule your free consultation.

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What is Hernia Mesh?

Hernia mesh

Perhaps the most popular mass tort lawsuit in recent times is the hernia mesh lawsuits.

Hernia mesh is a simple device doctors use to support torn or damaged tissue around the hernias. Hernias are of many types. The problem happens when there is a weak spot in the cavity containing the intestines and the intestines bulge through this weak spot. This weak spot or hole is sealed by doctors using a hernia mesh. Think of it as repairing a punctured tire.

The root cause of these lawsuits is that the hernia mesh is not safe to use. In many cases, patients have found the hernia mesh to be harmful. Here at Rueb Stoller Daniel, our team of experienced class-action attorneys is already dealing with a few hernia mesh cases.

What Harmful Side Effects are Linked to Hernia Mesh?

Doctors use hernia mesh products in around 90% of all repairs and surgeries for hernia patients. In short, it’s a popular surgical implant. A company called Bard is known for manufacturing a significant number of hernia mesh implants used in surgeries. Bard, the manufacturing company, has been involved in several lawsuits in the past few years for supplying faulty/defective medical products.

A surgeon preparing hernia mesh for an operation.

Around a million individuals in America get a hernia mesh each year. A significant majority of these patients have to deal with the side effects associated with defective hernia mesh. Surveys estimate the number of patients who eventually file lawsuits against hernia manufacturers at nearly 50,000. These lawsuits are filed by patients to get compensation for their pain, suffering, and injuries.

The hernia mesh problem is due to it being made of plastic. Plastic can easily break apart. In case the plastic hernia mesh inside the patient tears up, it can lead to many medical issues, such as

  • Internal organ damage
  • Obstruction in bowels
  • Another surgery for hernia repair
  • Movement of mesh inside the patient’s body
  • Migration of mesh
  • Infections inside the body
  • Tissue fusion
  • Debilitating chronic pain

If you have received a hernia mesh and are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, immediately get in touch with an experienced and reputable attorney specializing in Phoenix mass tort action lawsuits.

What Manufacturers Are Being Sued For Hernia Mesh Injuries?

There has been a lot of coverage of hernia mesh lawsuits and people want to know whether it’s possible for mass tort action attorneys to get hernia mesh removed from the market. However, it’s important to mention here that hernia mesh products are used by doctors in almost 90% of hernia surgeries today. It’s an unfortunate truth that these defective and injury-causing products are still approved for use in many countries.

Johnson & Johnson is a popular manufacturer of hernia mesh products, and they have released many varieties. The company removed one product from the market after receiving many strict warnings from the FDA. However, they continue to sell many versions of their hernia mesh products.

The lawsuits will not stop anytime soon until the lawyers are successful in getting dangerous hernia mesh removed from the market. Hernia mesh is a dangerous product, and everyone involved including manufacturers and doctors is aware of this fact. The professional class-action attorneys in Phoenix, CA are also aware of this fact.

Rueb Stoller Daniel has experienced hernia mesh attorneys who are aware of the existing hernia mesh cases. Some hernia mesh cases have been settled and others have been dismissed, but a huge majority are still ongoing.

Here are a few popular class-action hernia mesh lawsuits:

Johnson & Johnson–Ethicon

Ethanol is the name of a division of Johnson & Johnson. This division is the manufacturer of hernia mesh products. Around 1500 federal cases are pending against Johnson & Johnson involving defective hernia mesh products, and these lawsuits are currently happening out of Georgia. Johnson & Johnson expects several federal lawsuits to be filed against them in various states soon.

Even though Johnson & Johnson is not the top manufacturer of hernia mesh products, but they have become the most well-known defendant in such cases because of their familiarity with the public.

Bard–Davol Division

The company has already paid out millions of dollars in settlements. The two main products made by the company are Composix LIP and Composix E/X. Even after settling many lawsuits, around 1800 plaintiffs are still awaiting resolution of their federal cases. Bard is also facing several individual claims and class-action lawsuits in many states.

An attorney working with a client towards a hernia mesh injury settlement.

Atrium Medical

C-QUR is the name of the hernia mesh product made by the company. The company is facing upwards of 500 lawsuits, and most of these lawsuits are currently being handled outside New Hampshire. However, the company also expects more people to sue them soon.

The mass tort action cases are often combined to form a Multi-Jurisdictional Litigation. It happens when similar lawsuits in different parts of the country are combined and tried in one court. It helps in making the litigation process smoother and easier to follow. It also saves a lot of time and money for everyone involved. The legal costs could easily cross 7 figures in case all these cases were to be tried independently. Also, it would take a lot of time.

Contact a Phoenix Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Lawyer Today

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If you want to get compensation for your injuries, you need to take action today and get in touch with a reputed and experienced mass tort attorney in Phoenix, AZ. There is a statute of limitations in such cases which means you need to file a claim before a particular date. If you miss that date, you’ll miss the chance to get any compensation.

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