Talcum Powder Lawsuit in San Diego

Talcum powder is one of today’s most popular mass tort claims. It has been found that the risk of ovarian cancer is increased for the women who used Shower to Shower and baby powder. Unfortunately, the chances of developing this cancer are increased by nearly 30 percent for anyone who used powder regularly.

Studies show a clear link between ovarian cancer and powder which has caused several plaintiffs to join talcum powder class action lawsuits. On the most basic level, this powder contains talc and the talc causes inflammation. Cancerous cells can develop because of the inflammation.

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The Talcum Powder Controversy

Talcum powder has been around for a very long time. Many people think that the newer powder recipes contain ingredients that weren’t previously used and have caused the powder to be more dangerous than it was previously. That is not true, however, and powder has been dangerous for many years before anyone knew it. Unfortunately, Johnson and Johnson, the manufacturer of Johnson’s Baby Powder chose not to disclose this information to their customers, even though they knew it wasn’t safe.

A majority of talcum powder’s problems are the fact that it can cause ovarian cancer. In talcum powder lawsuits, nearly all of the plaintiffs are women because they used powder by Johnson and Johnson for their feminine hygiene needs. The powder was applied directly to private areas and made them more likely to develop ovarian cancer.

The powder has been shown to cause cancer because of the talc it contains. There are three main ingredients in talc, oxygen, silicon, and magnesium. While none of these things individually are dangerous, talc naturally contains asbestos. It is well-known that asbestos is a cancer-causing agent. Applying talc directly to the private area can easily cause irritation that can possibly lead to ovarian cancer.

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Filing Lawsuits

Women started developing ovarian cancer more and more regularly. This caused them to start to file suit against the talcum powder’s largest manufacturer. In a majority of the lawsuits, Johnson and Johnson are named as the defendant.

Recently, a case was brought against Johnson and Johnson based on the fact that they failed to warn consumers about the dangers of using their products. In this case, the jury awarded nearly $5 billion to 22 different plaintiffs in a case that was filed against Johnson and Johnson. Even after paying out billions of dollars and harming many women, Johnson and Johnson continue to claim their product is safe.

Talcum powder that has spilled on the floor.

The company continues to refuse to share important information with its customers about talcum powder’s dangers despite the clear research that proves talc can cause ovarian cancer. Johnson and Johnson still claim their product is safe. More lawsuits will come because of this. The company, however, thinks they will make more money selling their products than taking them off the market.

Thousands of lawsuits involving talcum powder have been filed in the last few years. Nearly all of the lawsuits were filed against Johnson and Johnson and a lot of them include the failure of the company to warn in their complaint.

In a lot of these cases, Johnson and Johnson avoided responsibility for a very long time. All of that ceased in 2018 thanks to the nearly $5 billion verdicts. Once the verdict was announced, the future of Johnson and Johnson’s stock value was questioned. Unfortunately, a significant impact was never seen.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit Damages

Your Rueb Stoller Daniel San Diego mass tort attorney will demand compensation for the following:

Lost Wages

If your cancer has caused you to miss any time from work or it has caused permanent disability, you are entitled to compensation.

Medical Bills

Ovarian cancer can be quite costly to treat and we will demand all costs associated with your current and future treatments.

Pain and Suffering

Cancer can cause you to be sick for a very long time and can cause tremendous amounts of pain and suffering. This means a majority of your settlement will be based on the pain and suffering this devastating illness can cause.

We believe you deserve to be compensated and we will do all we can to get you everything you deserve.

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