Washington DC Taxotere Lawsuit

Currently, there is a mass lawful case against the manufacturers of a cancer-treating drug known as Taxotere. All companies manufacturing drugs of this nature must be careful and take proper steps to ensure the drugs are safe for consumption. If such a drug is found to cause more harm or possess any danger to the consumer, that consumer has the right to seek compensation for the damages with the help of Washington DC Taxotere lawsuit lawyers.

Such cases as this fall under the mass infringement of a human right category. The petitioners (a group of them) will first have to file a lawsuit against the company’s negligence. If the case is successful, the compensation amount will have to be subdivided among all injured parties. At Rueb Stoller Daniel Law firm in Washington DC, we have highly talented, experienced, and skilled attorneys specialized in dealing with infringement of right cases. If you or your loved one is a victim of Taxotere treatment, contact our Washington DC mass tort firm today to know your legal options.

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What Are The Reasons For Taxotere Lawsuits?

At first, Taxotere was introduced as a breast cancer treatment option. However, from its launch, its application has spread. Today, it is also used to treat other forms of cancer, such as small-cell lung cancer, stomach cancer, head cancer, prostate cancer, and even neck cancer. Because of its wide application, many people have received it as a treatment option.

There is no doubt that it is a concern for anyone undergoing chemotherapy to lose hair. A person diagnosed with cancer already has a lot to deal with, and losing hair makes things even worse. The moment patients know that one of the side effects of the drug is permanent hair loss, it was only natural for them to seek compensation from the drug manufacturers.

What Are Side Effects of Taxotere?

Research shows that about 30% of all cancer patients are women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. The condition’s diagnosis occurs after cancer has metastasized into other body parts. The moment this occurs, a patient has to undergo chemotherapy treatments. As such, Taxotere is one of the most used chemotherapy drugs on the market. This drug was approved by the FDA back in 1996 for use across the USA.

However, aside from its benefits, the dug comes with several unwanted side effects such as nausea, permanent hair loss, and other chemotherapy-associated effects. In fact, hair loss is widely associated with cancer treatment.

Which Taxotere Damages Are Common?

It is common knowledge that many of the drugs used for treating cancer cause hair loss. In fact, this is one of the side effects that a physician will inform the patient about possible side effects. However, these drugs offer many side effects that include and not limited to:

  • Temporary hair loss
  • Fatigue
  • Bruising easily
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Increased risk of getting infections

A patient will decide on the treatment option or choice based on the benefits and limitations of each treatment option. The truth is that cancer treatments are never comfortable, and many patients go through treatments knowing what to expect and the side effects of that particular treatment.

A lawyer on the phone with a client regarding a Taxotere lawsuit in Washington DC.

This is the reason behind the lawsuit against Sanofi-Aventis. Petitioners claim that the drug manufacturers willingly withheld important information from the public, while they were fully aware of the risks associated with the drug.

What Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against Taxotere?

The first time when Taxotere was marketed by its manufacturers Sanofi-Aventis, they claimed that any hair loss because the drug usage would be temporary. In fact, they went a little bit further to assure doctors that any hair loss caused by the drug will grow back. The instated that the drug will not cause permanent hair loss.

It becomes difficult believing that a company tasked in making treatments for such a serious condition will deliberately hide information such as this. A person diagnosed with cancer already has a huge stress load to handle. Aside from this, they have to deal with the process of taking legal action against negligence conduct against the manufacturers, simply because the victims were not told the truth from the beginning.

There is evidence showing that Taxotere manufacturers Sanofi-Aventis knew the drug caused permanent hair loss. In fact, the proof shows they had the information since 2005, which is when they issued a warning to European consumers about the risk. However, they waited for more than ten years before warning American consumers.

This clearly shows that the company knew about the drug’s possibility of causing permanent hair loss, but decided not to inform the American and Canadian market. They purposely omitted this information from the public to protect their bottom-line market share. If you calculate the amount the company has received over a period of 10 years, it amounts to billions of dollars, which came from deceiving patients. Rather, they chose the option of being sued than missing out on the opportunity to earn some money.

Moreover, there is additional evidence that shows the FDA notified the company about their product misbranding back in 2009. Also, the FDA called out the company for not being honest by notifying the public that its products were safer compared to other treatment options or plans. Temporary hair loss is part of the information that was manipulated to the consumer.

The foundation for the heavy pivoted mass tort lawsuit case is the European warnings. The point that the company decided to warn European countries about the side effects clearly shows the company knew of the danger but decided not to inform the general public in both Canada and America, with the aim of protecting their profits and sales.

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