Truvada Gains Attention Through Questionable Advertising Techniques

The question of advertising prescription medication is something that most people in North America don’t consider. Other countries have strict regulations on advertising medication, including over-the-counter medication. Truvada however, has brought quite a bit of concern when it comes to advertising prescription medication that is it necessary to promote good health.

Truvada and other prep methods certainly have their benefits and can help deter the damaging effects of HIV in society. However, should Truvada exercise the advertising techniques it’s used over the last few years? Is it possible that Gilead Sciences is promoting a party-type lifestyle, and even high-risk sex? Through their different advertising methods and their war against other advertisers, it’s clear that Gilead Science is not transparent about many elements of their drug. If you’re a victim of Truvada’s harmful side effects, contact our experienced mass tort attorneys right away.

Truvada’s Malicious Advertising History

Truvada has a long history of issues with advertising. Truvada first became available in 2012, but it didn’t run its first advertisement until 2018. After the first round of advertisements for Truvada, the drug turned into a pharmaceutical Blockbuster, accounting for nearly 5% of Gilead Science’s annual sales.

Gilead Science continued their position that the prep pill or Truvada was not a commercial opportunity. However, the brand name Truvada costs about $2,000 in out-of-pocket expenses per month.

Facebook’s War on Accurate Information

Facebook has certainly had a wide breadth of issues concerning advertising ethics and handling their advertisers. While Gilead Sciences focused on a war against attorneys bringing some of the most serious side-effects of Truvada to light, the high-risk communities using their pill missed out on valuable information. Patients have a right to all of the information, without having to dig through mountains of paperwork or harassing their doctors to learn more about the side-effects for them.

Party Ads, the “Chill Pill” and Misrepresenting Their Patients

Truvada clearly states in multiple areas of their website and, in the majority of their ads, that the PrEP pill is for people engaging in high-risk sex. However, recent advertisements show live-in couples and others portrayed as participants in long-term or committed relationships. While that certainly doesn’t mean these couples or individuals aren’t participating in high-risk sex, it does bring some questions into the narrative.

Is Truvada the “chill pill” for people in high-risk communities, that might not be actively engaging in high-risk sex acts, or is it a party drug? In contrast to some of the most recent commercials, Gilead took a chance in 2015 and created a commercial revolving around the LGBT party scene. The commercial showing a man using popular apps such as grinder, and grabbing his prep tell in what looked like a party pack.

These particular “party packs” go often contain Truvada, along with a myriad of illegal drugs such as methamphetamine. While Gilead Sciences certainly can’t stop people from selling their drug on the street, or in connection with illegal substances, the 2015 commercial didn’t shut down that behavior. Ads such as the, “I like to party” ad from 2015 doesn’t address key issues such as Truvada needing an average of seven days for ideal effectiveness.

What Exactly is Truvada?

What most advertisements don’t cover is that Truvada does not work right away, has serious side effects, and these advertisements don’t explain the different strains that Truvada does not prevent. To give some insight, Truvada takes an average of seven days to become effective, which means that those who are taking it as a party drug, often do so irregularly, won’t experience the full benefits for prevention. Additionally, the side effects are often glossed over, as well as the differences between HIV-1, HIV-2, and some rare strains of HIV.

Now, Gilead Sciences have taken measures and their most recent commercials to acknowledge that Truvada is one small portion of a larger sexual health plan.

Get Help After Experiencing Negative Truvada Side Effects

Although advertising is one portion of the problem with Gilead Sciences approach to Truvada, the bigger issue is the hidden side effects. Those are hailing Truvada as the chill pill, or even the party drug, which may be a more realistic representation, often fail to acknowledge the extreme side effects, including renal failure, and bone deterioration. The side effects, among many others, and an underreported failure rate are leading many people to question exactly what Truvada is providing.

If you have experienced kidney failure, liver damage, renal failure, osteoporosis, other Osteo related diseases, or other negative side effects, then contact our law offices. Rueb Stoller Daniel seeks to represent the community that should have been protected but was instead taken advantage of by Gilead.