Should HIV PrEP Ads Still Run on Facebook?

Truvada, otherwise known as PrEP, has been available for an extended duration of time, and during that time, our local pharmaceutical injury attorneys have found numerous problems with the medication. One of the primary problems is the potential health risks that Gilead Sciences Truvada’s manufacturer failed to notify patients and the medical community. The lack of information from the company, and the misinformation available online have drug up the ethical issue of advertising, but some companies have already responded.

Facebook is among the first of the social media platforms to determine who should or should not advertise to its users regarding Truvada and PrEP. Unfortunately for the victims of Truvada, it might seem like it isn’t the solution that the public needs.

Pro PrEP Ads

Pro PrEP ads are still alive and well on Facebook as they claim to spread the word about reducing the spread of HIV. However, it has only been in recent months that these ads mentioned the high likelihood of kidney, liver, and bone damage from continued use. Of course, this medication was meant to be a long-term medication that would help prevent the contraction of the HIV virus while still engaging in potentially risky sexual interactions.

These ads however, are largely misleading as they claim that they’re the safe way to battle against the struggle of HIV. However, they don’t talk about all the other health risks and the possibility of it not protecting you from all forms of HIV. Imagine if you ended up contracting HIV and had a failing kidney, your immune system, and nearly all other systems would be doing everything in their power to run on all cylinders at all times.

Anti-PrEP Ads

Facebook took action to remove ads created by various legal offices to alert people of the ongoing legal battles against Gilead Sciences. The company faced a backlash from portions of the LGBTQ+ community, claiming that the ads spurred fear about using a pill that “works.” The decision to remove ads that showed the very possible effects of Truvada has led to a great gap in information available about the pill. Many people don’t realize that the effects of this are that now there are more uninformed patients and uninformed victims.

Social Media’s Role in Misinformation and Disinformation

The company claims that they prioritize the issue of misinformation and “fake news,” but by now, people are becoming woke to the reliability of the information on Facebook. Unfortunately, for the countless victims of Truvada damages, they see the spread of accurate information as an economic incentive that requires disruption.

Who Has the Legal Obligation to Supply Accurate Information Regarding Medication and Risks?

It all starts with the manufacturers who craft the inserts, which should inform the doctors and the patients about all the medical risks. However, they should also put in the effort to closely communicate the message for the advertisements. Ads are the way that the general public learns about the medication and then prompts them to talk to their doctor about the option to take it for various reasons.

However, when it has come to Truvada, there’s been a huge communication gap when it comes to the risks. The insert does briefly mention the risk of kidney and liver damage. It also briefly mentions the risk of bone density loss, but what it doesn’t cover is the damage that all of those things can cause. We’re not talking about slight kidney damage; we’re talking about the very real risk of renal failure.

Additionally, bone density loss can lead to all manner of problems and degenerative diseases. When faced with the question of whether patients would rather take precautions for safer sex practices or risk kidney loss and bone density, most prefer to practice safer sex than to risk their lifelong health for the chance of potentially avoiding HIV.

Who Should You Talk To When Having Problems with PrEP

If you experienced bone loss, kidney damage, liver damage, or other negative side effects from Truvada, then it may be time to speak with an attorney. A Phoenix Truvada attorney can help you determine if you have a case against Gilead Sciences. Find out if our services can help you, contact Rueb Stoller Daniel, the local Phoenix attorney for your Truvada pharmaceutical injury case.

Our office specializes in helping the victims of big pharma take action against companies that seem untouchable. They’re not. You can stand up like many others have and demand that Gilead Sciences take responsibility for the damage they’ve done to your life.