PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuit In San Francisco

PPI stomach cancer cases are considered mass tort cases. Sadly, cases like these have become increasingly common. More and more manufacturers are producing products or drugs that wind up harming people.

New products are being produced so quickly, in fact, that the FDA is struggling to keep up. To speed up the process, the FDA offers a way for some types of products to get approved more quickly.

If you manufacture a product that is extremely similar to a product or drug that has already received FDA approval, you can apply for a shortcut approval.

The idea behind this is that if your product is almost the same as one that has already received approval, it is most likely safe. Call the mass tort law firm of Rueb Stoller Daniel today to speak with our PPI stomach cancer lawsuit attorneys in San Francisco with a free consultation.

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An Introduction To PPI Stomach Cancer Cases

In some cases, it is only after a product has been approved by the FDA that problems are discovered. If the product that was initially approved turns out to be dangerous, any similar products that received shortcut approval will most likely also cause problems.

When this happens, a large number of lawsuits are filed throughout the country against the makers of the offending drugs or medical products.

One mass tort case that was recently filed involves proton pump inhibitors (PPI). Drugs like these are commonly used for treating conditions like GERD or peptic ulcers. Sadly, there is evidence linking long-term PPI use to an increased risk of gastric cancer.

How Have Proton Pump Inhibitors Injured Patients?

Every year, more and more patients are treated with proton pump inhibitors. Ulcers are becoming increasingly common, largely due to a rise in stress levels in the population. People who are under high levels of stress are more likely to develop ulcers.

Proton pump inhibitors can cause a number of injuries including:


This condition causes inflammation of the pancreas. Depending on the severity, it can be fatal. Acute pancreatitis typically doesn’t last long.

As long as it is properly treated, a full recovery is possible. Chronic pancreatitis, on the other hand, is a lifelong condition that requires ongoing treatment. Fortunately, the majority of PPI-related injuries to the pancreas are acute.

Impaired Kidney Function

Your kidneys are responsible for flushing toxins out of your body. If their function is reduced or impaired, dialysis may be required.

Reduced Liver Function

Your liver also needs to be fully functioning for you to stay healthy. Any problems with your liver function could lead to medical issues that last for the rest of your life.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

This medical condition makes your mouth and your skin extremely sensitive. Fortunately, it typically can be reversed as long as it is treated right away.

Stomach Or Gastric Cancer

With long-term use, proton pump inhibitors can cause gastric cancer or PPI stomach cancer. Based on research that has been done, your risk of cancers like these is higher if you have undergone treatment for early-stage symptoms resulting from PPI use.

The medical issues listed above can be painful to deal with and can pose a threat to your health. It is important to seek treatment immediately. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be able to take legal action against the company that manufactured the drug.

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What Defendants Have Been Named In Proton Pump Inhibitor Lawsuits In California?

Currently, PPI lawsuits in California have named AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Procter & Gamble. These well-known companies make popular PPI drugs such as Prilosec and Nexium.

Throughout the country, these defendants are facing pending litigation. No announcements have been made about major settlements yet. The defendants appear to be willing to go to trial and are claiming that their drugs are safe.

Despite these claims, the fact is that many patients who have taken these drugs have ended up with PPI stomach cancer. There is solid research showing a link between proton pump inhibitors and gastric cancer. Despite that, these companies seem to believe that they stand a better chance if their case goes to court.

Typically, when mass tort claims are filed, the defendants try to argue that their drugs or products were safe as long as possible. They make a tremendous amount of money from these drugs, which is why they do everything they can to keep selling them.

They are willing to take on a few major lawsuits instead of losing out on all of the profit that they could make by continuing to sell the drugs or products.

As of right now, cases related to proton pump inhibitors aren’t getting quite as much media attention as other mass tort cases. For instance, Johnson and Johnson was recently named as a defendant in a case involving talcum powder.

This case has received a tremendous amount of attention in the press. As of right now, however, not a lot of people are talking about the PPI lawsuits. If these lawsuits start getting more attention, the companies named as defendants may be more willing to settle.


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What Types Of Damages Can Be Claimed In PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuits?

If you experience any of the medical problems highlighted above after taking a proton pump inhibitor, you may be eligible to seek damages. With PPI cases, the types of damages that can be claimed are typical for cases involving drugs. Some of these damages include:

Medical Expenses

You can seek compensation for any medical expenses that you pay for out of your own pocket. You can’t, however, claim expenses that were already paid for by your insurance company.

Lost Income

If your cancer kept you from working or if you are on disability because of it, you can seek compensation for the wages that you lost. Evidence showing the wages that you lost will need to be submitted along with your claim.

Pain And Suffering

Plaintiffs in mass tort cases are often awarded high dollar amounts for the pain and suffering that they endured. In many cases, the total amount awarded for pain and suffering eclipses the actual monetary damages that patients suffered.

To find out how much you may be eligible to receive, reach out to a qualified lawyer in San Francisco to talk about your case.

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Talk To Our PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuit Attorneys In San Francisco Today

If you are currently taking a PPI, schedule an appointment with your doctor to make sure you aren’t suffering from any of the issues listed above. If your health has been negatively impacted by your PPI use, reach out to Rueb Stoller Daniel.

Based in San Francisco, our qualified mass tort attorneys are ready to help you with your case. We will file a claim on your behalf against the companies responsible for the injuries you sustained.

Some of the parties that may be named include:

  • The company that manufactured the drug or device
  • The doctor who prescribed it
  • The hospital where the doctor was employed
  • Insurance providers for the doctor, the hospital, or both

Working with a mass tort attorney in San Francisco is the best way to ensure that you are compensated for your injuries. Some of the damages you may be able to claim include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disabilities

Contact our San Francisco class-action lawyers today at 1-866-CALL-RSD to set up a free consultation. The experienced PPI stomach cancer attorneys here at Rueb Stoller Daniel will conduct a case review to determine what damages you can claim and how much your case could be worth.

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