San Francisco Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

We’ve seen a gazillion commercials for mass tort action lawsuits on TV all the time, especially in regards to hernia mesh lawsuits. High-street Hernia Mesh lawsuit attorneys get behind the camera and tell people that they can get them millions of dollars.

They make statements that they can’t back and make it appear as if winning a mass tort action is a walk in the park.

The reality is very different. San Francisco mass tort action lawsuits are often filed against some of the richest and largest corporations and companies in the world.

These cases usually involve intricate medical issues. Some mass tort action lawsuits may even take more than twelve months just to develop. They can be quite frustrating, depressing, and painful for the plaintiffs.

However, as disheartening and painful as these cases may be, more often than not, mass tort lawsuits are necessary. They protect the general public and individuals like yourself from defective and/or harmful products.

Typically, mass tort action cases cover dangerous drugs, medical products, and pollution.

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Where To File A Hernia Mesh Claim

Perhaps the most recent mass tort lawsuit has been the hernia mesh lawsuit. Hernia mesh is used to support damaged or torn tissue around the hernias; it’s a pretty straightforward concept.

There are a couple of types of hernias, and they are caused when intestinal tissues bulge through a weak spot of the cavity where they reside. A hernia mesh is then used to seal up the hole. It’s similar to repairing a punctured tire.

But the problem here is that hernia mesh is has issues. It has even been revealed that hernia mesh can be harmful to patients.

At Rueb Stoller Daniel, our class action lawyers are handling a couple of hernia mesh cases.

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Why Are Attorneys Convinced That Hernia Mesh Is Harmful To Their Clients?

Hernia mesh is a popular surgical implant and is used in approximately 90% of all hernia surgery and repairs. Bard manufactures a fair share of hernia mesh products used in these surgeries.

Over the last couple of years, Bard has been mentioned in several hernia mesh lawsuits for all kinds of faulty medical products.

Each year, roughly one million American patients get a hernia mesh. Unfortunately, a majority of these patients end up stuck with adverse side effects that can be traced back to the faulty product, resulting in a hernia mesh lawsuit.

Surveys conducted estimate that there are nearly 50,000 patients who eventually sue hernia mesh manufacturers for their pain and suffering and injuries.

The issue with hernia mesh is that hernia mesh is made of plastic – and plastic can tear and break pretty easily. When that happens, patients find themselves dealing with all kinds of medical problems, including:

  • Tissue fusion
  • Infections
  • Mesh migration
  • Chronic pain
  • Damage of internal organs
  • Obstructed bowels
  • A follow-up hernia repair surgery
  • The mesh can also move around in the patient’s body

Do you have a hernia mesh, and you’ve experienced symptoms like these? If so, get in touch with a reputable and experienced San Francisco mass tort action lawyer.

Can Mass Tort Action Attorneys Get Hernia Mesh Removed From The Market?

With all the problems surrounding hernia mesh, it’s understandable that people would want to know if mass action attorneys can get hernia mesh pulled from the market. But don’t forget that hernia mesh products are still used in a staggering 90% of hernia surgeries.

Sadly, these products still remain available in most countries.

A surgeon prepping hernia mesh for an operation on a sterile table.

Johnson and Johnson had different types of their hernia mesh products on the market. After the FDA issued strict warnings to hernia mesh manufacturers, they removed one model from the market.

However, that did not seem to get in the way of them marketing their other medical products for hernia mesh repair surgeries.

Until hernia mesh is completely pulled from the market, the lawsuits won’t stop. There’s no doubt that the product is dangerous and even doctors and those who make them are aware of this fact. Luckily, so are the professional class action attorneys in San Francisco, CA.

What Manufacturers Have Ongoing Hernia Mesh Cases?

While there are those hernia mesh cases that have been dismissed and others settled, a majority are still ongoing. Some of the major ongoing class action lawsuits include:

Bard – Davol Division

There are two main products from Bard that are mentioned in this case: Composix LIP and Composix E/X. Bard has already compensated patients with millions in settled lawsuits.

There are still several unresolved federal cases with about 1,800 plaintiffs. In addition, there are also ongoing class action lawsuits and individual claims against Bard in different states.


Johnson and Johnson – Ethicon

Ethicon is a division of Johnson and Johnson that manufactures hernia mesh. There are nearly 1,500 federal suits against Johnson and Johnson that are still pending. The lawsuit is happening out of Georgia.

The company also expects to be mentioned in other similar federal lawsuits in different states in the coming years. While Johnson and Johnson haven’t manufactured a high number of hernia mesh, so far, they are the most mentioned defendant in hernia mesh cases partly because the name of the company is familiar to the public.

Atrium Medical

This company’s hernia mesh products are called C-QUR. Atrium Medical is facing 500 lawsuits, with a majority of them being handled outside New Hampshire. But, as with the other mentioned defendants, they can expect more trials in the future regarding hernia mesh lawsuits.

When there are many mass tort action cases, they can be combined to form what’s called Multi-Jurisdiction Litigation, which means that all these lawsuits from different regions of the country are tried in one court.

This streamlines the process and makes litigation less confusing. Besides, it saves all parties involved money and time. If all cases were tried independently, the costs would reach seven figures, plus, it would take forever.

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A San Francisco Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorney Is Here For You!

Have you, your child, or a loved one suffered injuries caused by hernia mesh? Take action today and contact well-reputed mass tort lawyers in San Francisco, CA to be involved in the hernia mesh lawsuit. You don’t want to sit and watch as you miss your window of opportunity it could be the only chance you get to seek compensation.

Call Rueb Stoller Daniel today at (833) 44-DRLAW to schedule a free initial consultation. Don’t forget that these big companies have a swarm of attorneys working for them. So hire the best minds to represent you.