PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuit in San Diego

Mass tort cases, such as PPI Stomach Cancer Cases, recently have become much more common. There are numerous devices and drugs that have been injuring people. Even the FDA is unable to keep up with the numerous new products that continue to be developed.

For certain products, the FDA offers shortcut approval. If a product is significantly similar to a device or drug that has been approved by the FDA already, then you can apply for shortcut certification. This is based on the theory that if you have a product that is very similar to one that has been approved already then it must be safe.

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What is a PPI Stomach Cancer Case?

PPI stomach Cancer

If an initial product does end up being dangerous, the problem is the other products that follow will be as well. That can result in massive litigation taking place all across the country for those medical drugs and devices.

One of the more recent types of mass tort cases involves proton pump inhibitors (PPI). They are used for treating GERD and peptic ulcers. It now believed that gastric cancer may be caused by PPI. There are two studies that have been recently conducted that have linked this disease to using proton pump inhibitors long-term.

What Injuries Do Proton Pump Inhibitors Cause?

Proton pump inhibitors have been used by thousands of patients. Every year the number of patients who are treated for ulcers continues to increase. That is due to the problems that are caused by stress and food products. The more stress that a person undergoes, the higher the chance of developing ulcers.

Below are some of the more common injuries that PPI causes:


This condition refers to an inflamed pancreas. It can be very severe – or even fatal in some cases. If you are suffering from acute pancreatitis, the condition is short-lived. As long as you get the appropriate treatment, you can recover fully from acute pancreatitis. When chronic pancreatitis is developed it can last for your entire life and need constant treatment. Fortunately, a majority of injuries that are caused by PPI are acute injuries rather than chronic.

Reduced Kidney Function

In order to flush out toxins from your body, your kidneys must operate at their full capacity. At some point, you might need dialysis if you end up experiencing reduced kidney function.

Reduced Liver Functions

Your liver, similar to the kidneys, must function at 100%. You might end up having lifelong medical complications if it does not.

A diagram of the proton pump inhibitor PPI stomach cancer

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

This short-term condition causes extreme sensitivity to the mouth and skin. If it is treated quickly it normally can be easily resolved.

Stomach Cancer

Using a proton pump inhibitor eventually can result in PPI stomach or gastric cancer. It has been shown by studies that even if you were treated for PPI early symptoms, you may be at greater risk to develop those kinds of cancers.

These issues all can be very painful and severe. You must be treated as soon as possible. If you have serious injuries, you might have a valid legal claim that can be made against the manufacturer.

Who is Named as Defendants in PPI Lawsuits in California?

For the most part, the defendants who have mainly been named in PPI lawsuits are Proctor and Gamble, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca. There is a good chance you have heard of those companies. They are the primary manufactures of Prilosec and Nexium, the two major PPI drugs.

Currently, there is litigation that is pending against defendants all over the country. No major settlements have been announced to date. The defendants, in fact, allege their products are safe and appear to be set on taking the cases to trial.

However, defendants are unable to ignore the fact that PPI stomach cancer has been contracted by many of their customers. They also cannot ignore the research that has shown the link between gastric cancer and PPI. However, they will be taking their chances in court the way most companies do.

In mass tort cases, many defendants will continue declaring their products are safe for as long as possible. They make millions of dollars selling their drug. They prefer to risk a couple of large lawsuits instead of losing the revenue they earn from their products.

Fortunately, for proton pump inhibitor manufacturers, the bad press isn’t as prevalent compared to other types of mass tort case defendants. For example, PPI lawsuits have stayed fairly quiet compared to talcum powder cases that have been filed against Johnson & Johnson. Once that change, then maybe companies will change their ways.

What Damages Can Be Claimed in PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuits?

ppi stomach cancer

If you have taken a PPI test and end up having any of the medical problems discussed above, then you might have a claim to file for damages. Those damages that are involved in PPI cases are quite similar to other harmful drug cases:

Medical Expenses

You will receive reimbursement for the out of pocket medical bills you have paid. If your treatment was already covered by your insurance company, you cannot claim those costs as damages. If other words, “double-dipping” is not allowed.

Lost Wages

If you had to go on disability or are out of work due to your cancer, it will entitle you to receive compensation. Your attorney will need to submit proof of those damages you have sustained.

Pain and Suffering

A majority of mass tort cases are well known for having high levels of pain and suffering. Usually, they make up more of your overall settlement compared to your actual damages.

Call and talk to an experienced and skilled mass tort & class action attorney today to find how much your case might be worth.

Contact a Mass Tort Attorney in San Diego Today

If you are using a PPI currently, consult with your doctor to make sure that you do not have any issues with it. If you do, then you might need to call a San Diego mass tort attorney at Rueb Stoller Daniel as soon as possible. A mass tort attorney will know how to properly handle your case. They can file a claim against those who are responsible for the injuries you have suffered.

Those parties might include the following:

  • Device manufacturer
  • Surgeon or doctor who implanted the device
  • Hospital where the doctor or surgeon worked
  • Hospital or doctor’s insurance company

Your mass tort lawyer in San Diego will work very hard to obtain the compensation that you deserve and need.

Depending on what your injuries are, you might be entitled to receive the following:

  • Permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills

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