Reports of IVC Filter Migrations

An IVC may have saved your life not too long ago. Learning that you have blood clots and that there’s a high risk of those blood clots making their way into your lungs or heart. It’s a terrifying event that, surprisingly, many families experience. The terrible thing is when you have another event for a few months or years later, such as IVC filter migrations. If your filter moved, you may have noticed from a slight swelling in your leg, or extreme pain in your abdomen.

The pain and swelling come from the clogging or movement of the IVC filter. When an IVC filter clogs or dislodges from its station, the symptoms are often difficult to overlook. They’re just as terrifying as learning that you have blood clots, but it’s worse now because you don’t know what is wrong, or if it can be fixed.

What is an IVC Filter?

An IVC filter is often the top choice with doctors for the treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis. That’s the condition of having blood clots that are or will likely run through your main vein, a vein that runs through your leg and belly. That vein pumps blood from the lower part of your body, through your torso, and up to your heart. A blood clot could mean the risk of death, and an IVC filter can help prevent that.

An IVC filter is a device made up of tiny, thin wires, shaped like an upside-down umbrella. The point is that when a blood clot hits it, it would no longer be able to move down the vein. Unfortunately, while this device is extraordinarily effective, it can come with some complications. IVC filters are known to clog when there are many blood clots, and in some cases, even move from the force or size of the blood clots.

Did You Really Need an IVC?

It is very likely that you needed an IVC filter to avoid or reduce the risk of a pulmonary embolism, which can lead to death. The result is that this isn’t medical malpractice, but in IVC filter migrations, it’s usually from a product defect. It’s an option for people who can’t take blood thinners or anticoagulants to reduce the risk associated with blood clots. Always discuss with your doctor about whether an IVC is the best option for you, and if there are other options available.

Reports of IVC Filter Migrations

Components of the filter can penetrate the vein and cause a vast number of problems. It’s very difficult for doctors to identify these complications because they’re often silent complications. The silent complications are extremely difficult to track and even to respond appropriately.

Typically the silent complication will happen until the patient experiences extreme stomach pain because the IVC filter has moved entirely. Some people have reported that the IVC filter twisted and punctured the vessel walls, and then that tore through that vessel.

Risks with Movement

The risk with movement and misplacement is site bleeding, internal damage, damage to the vessel walls, and even a collapsed lung. The blood vessels that rip or tear in the blood vessel can lead to many complications, often from tilting, migration, or even breakage, although breakage is rare.

The movement can happen because of the size of the vein, the force of the blood flow or pressure, and even from the size of the blood clots in the filter. Typically you should see these risks or the highest volume of risk of movement within thirty days of the initial placement. The placement should, in theory, hold in place virtually forever, or show that it’s not going stick right away.

Product Liability Attorneys Can Help With IVC Filter Migrations

In most cases, you should explore the options of hiring a law firm that handles product liability claims, or in some cases, a medical malpractice attorney. An IVC is often necessary to help stop blood clots and even prevent death. The function of an IVC is not at question here, but the damage that comes with its movement is a serious health risk for any patient. Patients expect IVCs to be permanent, not a temporary option, and often only require one minor surgery for implantation.

If your IVC has moved, then call an Atlanta product liability attorney as IVC filter migrations can lead to organ perforation, and punctured blood levels. These side effects are clearly life-threatening and can call for emergency surgery, major surgery, and changes to various elements of your life. Call Rueb Stoller Daniel in Atlanta for help with your product liability case.