PrEP Side Effects and Red Flags

Are some people Truvada, also known as the prep drug, has made the worry of Contracting HIV or AIDS lesser. Those who participate in high-risk sex, have multiple sex partners and are in situations where they may come across HIV. This drug seemed like a single pill solution. However, now that Truvada has been on the market for some time, people are reporting a wide variety of side effects, and some are worse than the high risk of encountering HIV.

Full renal failure, liver failure, bone deterioration, and similar life-changing and debilitating conditions are possible side effects of Truvada. The question has not yet become whether or not people should have the right to weigh the risk between the Truvada side effects and contact with HIV. Instead, the question is still whether or not Truvada will acknowledge the side effects, and take action to properly inform the patient who was taking Truvada as a method of protecting themselves. Contact our experienced mass tort attorneys today.

Common Side Effects

The overwhelmingly positive news surrounding Truvada has largely masked the side effects which can happen from taking the prep drug. Recent studies throughout New England have severely misquoted or outright overlooked any downside to the medication. Not only is Truvada expensive, but it also comes with a wide host of very common side effects.

The most frequently seen side effects associated with Truvada include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, rash, and headaches. Other common side effects are an increase in tenofovir and creatinine and transaminases. These enzymes are directly related to both the kidneys and the liver, and high levels of these enzymes will eventually result in damage to these organs. Additionally, attend off of your will reduce the density of the bone mineral and reduce the body’s ability to absorb calcium and vitamin D.

Kidney Problems and Renal Failure

One of the most prevalent problems coming up among PrEP users includes kidney problems, which can include full kidney or renal failure. Failure of this vital system is life-threatening, and your doctor may inform you to stop taking Truvada because of the risk of kidney damage.

Kidney assessment is often encouraged before physicians provide Truvada, but often that step is skipped over. Physicians assume that most young adults are in generally good shape and should have no problem with kidney failure or damage. Except for so many young adults on Truvada are now experiencing life with one kidney or partial renal failure.

Bone Problems

One of the most downplayed side effects of Truvada is bone density loss. A quick search online will show that medical center after medical center are surprised that bone density loss isn’t more severe among Truvada users. It shouldn’t be surprising, because often underreported. Bone density loss usually isn’t caught until there’s an associated osteo condition.

The United States Food and Drug Administration uses a system called the adverse event Reporting System. Between 2005 and 2019, this system cataloged over 11,000 adverse reports associated with Truvada, and nearly 9,000 of those were extremely serious. The serious reports many cited osteomalacia, and osteoporosis.

Osteomalacia and osteoporosis are both a result of increased bone metabolism with high bone turnover and low bone density.

Excessive Lactic Acid

This side effect of Truvada or pre-exposure prophylaxis is rare, but it is also deadly. Lactic acidosis begins slowly but can escalate in severity quickly. Lactic acidosis involves the overproduction of lactic acid and often comes with very mild symptoms such as weakness or muscle pain.

People that most often experience lactic acidosis are those with the AIDS virus, alcoholism, cancer, kidney failure, sepsis, and cyanide poisoning. These are all very serious conditions, and it’s concerning that Truvada can recreate one of the most severe side-effects of these conditions

What to Do – Call Rueb Stoller Daniel

Calling in a professional attorney can take some stress off of exactly what you’re going to do with your new condition or disability. From kidney problems to Bone deterioration, you can contact the Rueb Stoller Daniel for support and taking action against the manufacturers of Truvada. These manufacturers failed to inform the public and continue to perpetuate a narrative that these side effects are rare, and not as serious as they can be. For example, their segment on serious side effects in relation to bone problems acknowledges that some bone deterioration or thinning could lead to fractures. There are far more serious Osteo conditions that Truvada users are experiencing.

Reach out to our offices at Rueb Stoller Daniel to find an attorney in Phoenix that is ready and able to help you. Take charge and file a claim against the PrEP manufacturers and assess the damage that was done because of the purposeful withholding of information.