PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuit in Phoenix

Lawsuits involving PPI stomach cancer fall under mass tort action cases. Sadly, these kinds of lawsuits have become quite common. A significant number of manufacturers are releasing drugs and other medical products that end up causing harm to patients. New medicines and medical products are being released too fast, so fast that even the FDA is finding it tough to keep up. Our PPI stomach cancer lawsuit lawyers in Phoenix are helping victims hold the manufacturers of these drugs accountable.

In a (not very effective) attempt to keep up with the production of new medical products, the FDA offers a shortcut for some types of pharmaceutical products to get approved fast. That means that manufacturers who create drugs or products that are similar to ones that have already been approved by the FDA, then they can skip the standard procedure and follow the shortcut. The reasoning behind this approach is that since the products are too similar, then its likely that they are safe as well. Contact our Phoenix class-action lawsuit firm to learn how we can help your claim. Schedule your free consultation today at 1-866-CALL-RSD.

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A Brief Introduction To PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuit

In some lawsuits, it is only after a product has received FDA’s approval that problems start cropping up. If a drug or product that was initially approved by the FDA turns out to be harmful, then any other medicines or products that were passed through the shortcut method are likely to cause similar problems. When this is the case, several lawsuits start popping up in different regions of the country against the manufacturers of the offending medical products or drugs.

An excellent example of a mass tort action lawsuit that was recently submitted in court involves PPI (proton pump inhibitors). These drugs are usually used in treating conditions such as GERD or peptic ulcers. But it turns out that there’s evidence suggesting that long-term use of PPI increases the risk of gastric cancer.

How Have PPIs Harmed Patients?

Each year, more and more doctors use proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) to treat ulcers in patients. This can be traced back to the increase of ulcer cases among patients, which is primarily due to the rise of anxiety and stress levels in the general public. Individuals dealing with high levels of stress are more prone to ulcers.

PPIs use can lead to several injuries, including:


Pancreatitis is a condition that causes the inflammation of one’s pancreas. If injuries are severe, it may be fatal. Acute pancreatitis doesn’t take long to treat, and when treated properly, there’s the hope of a full recovery. Chronic pancreatitis, however, is a long-term condition and calls for ongoing treatment. Fortunately, a fair number of PPI-related injuries are not chronic but acute.

A 3d model of the human torso, highlighting the pancreas in red. PPI Stomach cancer

Impaired Kidney Function

Kidneys help with removing toxins from the body. So, if their normal working is impaired or reduced, then there’s a possibility of needing dialysis.

Reduced Liver Function

The liver needs to be 100% functional for you to stay healthy. Any liver issues that affect the normal functions of the liver could result in lifelong medical problems.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

This is a medical condition whose symptoms make a patient’s skin and mouth extraordinarily sensitive. The good news is that the effects of the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome can be reversed if addressed right away.

Gastric/Stomach Cancer

The long-term use of PPIs can cause PPI stomach cancer or even gastric cancer. Based on studies and research done on the use of proton pump inhibitors, people who have undergone treatment for earlier symptoms caused by PPI use are at a higher risk of getting these cancers.

The medical condition mentioned above can cause chronic pain and can pose a real threat to your well-being, and you must seek medical attention immediately. If your injuries aren’t too severe, you have an opportunity to sue the manufacturers of the drug.

Which Defendants Have Been Mentioned In PPI Lawsuits In Arizona?

Currently, proton pump inhibitor lawsuits that are ongoing in Arizona have mentioned Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, and AstraZeneca. These are some of the well-known manufacturers of PPI drugs like Nexium and Prilosec.

These defendants are facing pending lawsuits throughout the country. However, for now, there have been no announcements of significant settlements. The defendants seem to be ready to proceed to trial and are standing behind the argument that their drugs are safe.

But despite these claims, the fact remains that many patients who have used PPIs have ended up getting gastric cancer or PPI stomach cancer. Besides, convincing studies and reliable research data are showing a clear link between PPIs and stomach/gastric cancer. However, the defendants are still convinced that there’s hope for them if they go to court.

Usually, when mass tort action lawsuits are filed since the defendants make a ton of money from their drugs, they try to drag things out as much as they possibly can by arguing that their products or medicines are safe for use. They are more than willing to face a few lawsuits than miss out on all the profit they could continue to make by keeping their products or drugs in the market.

At the moment, proton pump inhibitor lawsuits are not getting as much media attention as other class action lawsuits throughout the country. For instance, recently, the company Johnson and Johnson were mentioned as a defendant in a lawsuit connected to talcum powder. This caught a lot of attention from the press. But at the moment, there are still not many people talking about PPI stomach cancer cases. If these cases were to receive more attention from the media, then the companies listed as defendants may be more open to settling.

What Types Of Damages Can One Expect To Claim In PPI Stomach Cancer Mass Action Lawsuits?

If you’ve experienced any of the medical issues listed above after taking PPIs, you may be an eligible plaintiff. With proton pump inhibitor lawsuits, the kind of damages that you can expect to claim are similar to those for other lawsuits involving medical products and prescriptions. These damages include:

Medical Expenses

You could be eligible to claim compensation for any medical expenses that you covered from your pocket. However, you can’t claim for medical expenses damages if the costs were already taken care of by your insurance company.

Lost Income

Did the gastric/stomach cancer keep you from work? Or perhaps you can no longer work like you used to because of it? If that’s the case, you can seek to recover your lost salary or wages. Of course, you will need to provide evidence indicating the salary, income, or payments that you missed.

Pain & Suffering

Often, plaintiffs in class action cases are awarded a significant amount of compensation for pain & suffering damages. In a majority of cases, the total figure awarded for pain & suffering even eclipses the real monetary damages that plaintiffs suffered.

One of our lawyers filing documents for a PPI lawsuit in Phoenix.

To learn more about the damages, you can claim in a PPI mass tort lawsuit, contact an experienced attorney in Phoenix to discuss your case.

Talk To Our PPI Stomach Cancer Lawsuit Lawyers In Phoenix In Phoenix Today!

Are you currently using PPIs? If you are, book an appointment with your physician to check whether you could be having any of the medical conditions mentioned above. If PPIs have negatively impacted your well-being, contact Rueb Stoller Daniel. Our highly-qualified and experienced mass tort lawyers based in Phoenix are ready to take your case. We will proceed to file a claim for you against the companies behind the injuries and harm you or your loved one sustained.

Some of the parties that may be mentioned as defendants include:

  • The company behind the manufacture or the medical device or drug
  • The doctor who prescribe the medications to you
  • The doctor’s employer (the hospital)
  • The hospital’s or doctor’s insurer, or both

Working with well-reputed and expert mass tort lawyers in Phoenix presents you with an excellent opportunity to seek and win a recovery for your injuries. Damages you can claim include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages/salary/income
  • Pain & suffering
  • Permanent disabilities

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