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Used Ozempic & Suffered Abdominal Injuries?

You May Be Eligible for Significant Compensation. Call for a Free Ozempic Lawsuit Case Review.

Act quickly. If your health was negatively affected by Semaglutide (Ozempic) use, you may be entitled to compensation.

Delaying legal action could result in losing the opportunity to recover significant damages for medical bills, suffering, and more. Our seasoned Ozempic lawsuit attorneys are here to provide a FREE, no-obligation case review to determine your eligibility. If you’re qualified, 

Ozempic Lawsuit LP

Do I Qualify for an Ozempic Lawsuit?

We are accepting clients who have a documented medical history of taking Ozempic and have faced abdominal health problems such as:

Abdominal Health Issues

  • Gallbladder Complications (Gallstones, Gallbladder disease)
  • Pancreatic Complications (Pancreatitis, Pancreatic Cancer)
  • Gastroparesis (Stomach Paralysis)
  • Bezoars (Undigested Masses in Digestive Tract)
  • Intestinal Injuries

Don't Miss Your Chance at Financial Compensation!

We Cover All Up-Front Costs & Medical Bills

The RSD Difference

Personalized Guidance & Support

At Rueb Stoller Daniel, we realize that you’ve been through a trying ordeal and simply want someone who will listen and fight for you. That’s why we’re always on your side and go out of our way to represent you to the best of our ability.

Excellent Long-Term Success Record

Our law firm is actively sought out for our mass tort experience and history of obtaining big wins for our clients. Call us today to discuss what your case may be worth and how we can help you receive the maximum compensation allowed by law.


Ozempic injection

How Ozempic Lawsuits Work

Navigating Ozempic personal lawsuits can be complex, which is why having a dedicated personal injury lawyer by your side is crucial.
Here are the key components to consider:

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

  • You’ll need a specialized attorney to guide you through your legal rights and what needs to be provided to substantiate your claim

Collecting Medical Records

  • Essential for proving the severity of your condition
  • Should include the diagnosis, date of diagnosis, and notes on how your life has been affected
  • Records must cover required treatments, such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy

Collecting Medical Bills

  • Form the financial basis of your lawsuit
  • Include all costs related to your diagnosis: examinations, treatments, surgeries, and follow-ups
  • Additional costs for medical equipment or long-term in-home care should also be gathered

A Rueb Stoller Daniel Lawyer Will Assist in Collecting All Necessary Evidence to Prove Your Case

By following these guidelines and partnering with our skilled lawyers, you can build a strong case for your Ozempic personal injury lawsuit.

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Ozempic Lawsuit LP

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Act quickly. If your health was negatively affected by Semaglutide (Ozempic) use, you are entitled to compensation.

Don’t leave money on the table, call us today and let our team fight for you.

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Contact Rueb Stoller Daniel at 866-279-6253 now if you used Ozempic in the past and later had stomach problems. There may be a direct link, and you may be owed compensation by the manufacturers of these products that failed to warn consumers of the potential risks and dangers.

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