Who Can Join the Monsanto RoundUp Class Action Litigation?

It’s hard to watch television these days without seeing an advertisement for the Monsanto RoundUp class action litigation. Part of this is due to the fact that the lawsuits have only been initiated in the last few years. Another reason is that so many people may have been affected by the product.

For over forty years, RoundUp has been the number one weed killer used in the United States. People all over the country have used the product to care for their lawns. This applies to both homeowners and business owners. Commercial landscapers have relied on the product for decades.

However, had consumers been aware of just how dangerous Monsanto’s RoundUp really was, they would’ve found some other way to kill their weeds. Had they known that they were exposing their families to a product that causes cancer, they wouldn’t have bought it all these years. This means that Monsanto wouldn’t have made the billions of dollars they did on the deadly weed killer.

Mass tort lawyers have handled cases like the Monsanto litigation for years. They spend decades perfecting the art of trying these types of cases. They have the knowledge and skills to get their clients the compensation they deserve. They also have the courage to go up against the giant corporations that manufacture and market these products.

Brief History of the Monsanto RoundUp Class Action Litigation

Monsanto first marketed their weedkiller back in 1974. So, for over forty years, they have been selling this product to American consumers. And while the FDA has been conducting studies on the product since it first hit the market, it wasn’t until 2015 that they found a confirmed link to cancer.

The problem is that, while the FDA may not have had proof that RoundUp causes cancer, Monsanto did. They have known for years that their product is potentially cancer-causing. And, not only did they hide this fact from consumers – they actually spent tons of public funding on research that falsified the findings as to whether their product causes cancer.

When the FDA put out their confirmed warnings in 2015, mass tort and class action lawyers took notice. They made sure consumers were well aware of what Monsanto had done. They also notified the public of the possible side effects of using RoundUp.

There have been a couple of early Monsanto cases heard already. Both have resulted in very large verdicts against the manufacturer. There have even been punitive damages assessed in some instances.  However, Monsanto continues to market their dangerous product. And, sadly, Americans continue to buy it.


What Qualifies a Plaintiff to File Suit Against Monsanto?

Technically, anyone who has ever used RoundUp can file suit against Monsanto. However, to have a serious chance of recovering damages, you do need to meet certain minimum requirements. Essentially, you have to show that you’ve been injured in order to file suit.

Here are a few things attorneys consider when deciding whether to accept a Monsanto case:

  • What type of cancer do you have?
    • Monsanto has been linked to a few specific types of cancer. These include leukemia, non-Hodgkins lymphoma and multiple-melanoma. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t other types of cancer caused by the product. These are just the most common types of cancer attorneys have seen in the Monsanto cases.
  • What was your exposure to RoundUp?
    • Legally, anyone who has been exposed to RoundUp for even just a few hours can allege they’ve been injured. However, the court will look to see how many hours, months or years a plaintiff was exposed to the product. They’ll also look to see if you were exposed constantly (landscapers) or just for personal use.
  • When did you first get diagnosed with your illness?
    • Chances are, if someone was diagnosed years ago with cancer, it will be hard to prove that RoundUp caused their illness. For people who have already passed away, it may be hard to prove any link at all. However, so far, the courts have been pretty lenient when it comes to the statute of limitations. It’s important that you speak with a mass tort attorney as soon as possible to see if you have a potential claim against the defendant.

Contact a Mass Tort Lawyer Immediately

If you or a loved one have passed away or been diagnosed with cancer, you may be eligible for the Monsanto RoundUp class action litigation. It depends on whether or not you actually used the product. Your mass tort lawyer can review your case and let you know if you have a valid claim.

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