Los Angeles Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Today, it’s commonplace to encounter advertisements for mass tort lawsuits on TV, often featuring class-action attorneys who claim they can secure millions in compensation for you. These attorneys frequently make bold promises, suggesting that navigating the legal process of a mass tort case, such as a hernia mesh lawsuit in Los Angeles, is straightforward and guaranteed to yield substantial rewards.

However, the experience is quite different. When you engage a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles for your hernia mesh lawsuit, you’re up against wealthy corporations with extensive legal resources. These cases typically revolve around complex medical issues related to defective hernia mesh implants, serious complications like chronic pain, mesh migration, or bowel obstruction, and can involve extensive legal battles over medical malpractice and defective medical devices.

The development of these hernia mesh lawsuits can often exceed a year, posing significant emotional and physical challenges for plaintiffs. Despite the arduous journey, these legal actions are crucial.

They serve a vital purpose in safeguarding the public from harmful and faulty medical devices, including various hernia mesh products used in hernia repair surgeries. The majority of these cases highlight pressing concerns in public health, addressing issues like pollution, hazardous pharmaceuticals, and the safety of medical devices used in surgical procedures.

In essence, while the path to justice in cases involving hernia mesh complications or surgical mesh failures can be daunting, it remains an essential avenue for holding manufacturers accountable and protecting future patients from similar injuries.

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Where Can You File a Hernia Mesh Claim?

Hernia mesh, a frequent subject of mass tort cases, is commonly used in hernia repair surgeries. The principle behind its use is straightforward: if there is an opening or weak spot in the hernia wall, the intestines may protrude.

Surgeons use hernia mesh implants to reinforce and repair this weak spot, similar to patching a leak in a swimming pool or bicycle tire. However, it’s crucial to recognize that hernia mesh isn’t infallible. A significant number of patients have experienced complications, leading to an increase in hernia mesh lawsuits in places like Los Angeles and beyond.

These complications can range from chronic pain and bowel blockage to more severe issues like mesh migration, organ perforation, or nerve damage. As a result, numerous hernia mesh claims are being filed, highlighting the serious complications associated with these medical devices.

Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers is actively handling these hernia mesh claims, offering legal representation to those who have suffered due to defective hernia mesh implants. We understand the intricacies of these medical malpractice cases and are dedicated to helping clients navigate the entire process of seeking compensation for their injuries and medical expenses.

Our goal is to ensure that those affected by faulty hernia mesh products receive the justice and financial support they need to cover medical costs, including expenses for any additional surgeries or physical therapy required due to these defective medical devices.

Why Do Los Angeles Attorneys Believe That Hernia Mesh Causes Injury?

Hernia mesh is utilized in approximately 90 percent of hernia repair surgeries, with a significant proportion being manufactured by Bard, a company frequently embroiled in lawsuits for a range of defective medical products. Another notable manufacturer of hernia mesh is Johnson and Johnson.

In the United States, an estimated 1 million patients receive hernia mesh implants annually. Unfortunately, a large number of these patients experience side effects associated with hernia mesh. It’s estimated that around 50,000 patients file hernia mesh lawsuits against manufacturers like Bard and Johnson and Johnson after sustaining injuries from these medical devices.

The primary issue with hernia mesh lies in its plastic composition, which is prone to tearing and breaking. Such failures can lead to a spectrum of medical problems, including:

  • Tissue fusion
  • Chronic pain
  • Mesh migration, with the mesh traveling through the body
  • Tearing of internal organs
  • Obstructed bowels and bowel blockage
  • The necessity for an additional hernia repair surgery

These serious complications from defective hernia mesh implants highlight the need for legal accountability. If you have received a hernia mesh implant and are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, it’s crucial to seek legal assistance. Rueb Stoller Daniel, a team of experienced personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles, specializes in handling hernia mesh claims and lawsuits.

They offer legal representation to those affected by faulty hernia mesh products, helping clients navigate the complex legal process of filing personal injury claims and seeking compensation for their suffering, medical expenses, and future medical costs related to defective medical devices.

Remember, if you’ve experienced complications from a hernia mesh surgery, such as nerve damage or organ perforation, don’t hesitate to contact a knowledgeable mass tort lawyer in Los Angeles to discuss your legal options.

Hernia mesh and surgical equipment on a sterile tray. Contact a Los Angeles Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorney

Why Have Mass Tort Attorneys Been Unable to Get Hernia Mesh Taken Off the Market?

After learning about the numerous problems associated with hernia mesh, you might wonder why they continue to be used. As previously mentioned, hernia mesh implants are utilized in about 90 percent of hernia repair surgeries. Despite the serious complications they pose, you’ll find these medical devices still being employed in most countries.

Over the years, Johnson and Johnson, a major hernia mesh manufacturer, has released many types of hernia mesh products. After receiving stern warnings from the FDA about the risks of their products, including issues like chronic pain and mesh migration, the company withdrew only one specific type from the market. This action indicates that Johnson and Johnson continue to market other hernia mesh varieties.

The influx of hernia mesh lawsuits is likely to persist until all harmful varieties are removed from the market. The dangers of these products have been well-established, and both manufacturers and healthcare providers are increasingly aware of the risks. Personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles are also keenly aware of the hazards posed by different hernia mesh implants.

While some of the hernia mesh cases have been either settled or dismissed, a significant number remain unresolved. Currently, several class-action lawsuits involving hernia mesh are still pending. The outcomes of these cases could range from settlements to full trials.

Here are some of the lawsuits pending involving hernia mesh:

Bard – Davol Division

The products involved in these suits from Bard include Composix E/X and Composix LIP. Bard has already spent hundreds of millions in financial compensation to settle cases related to defective hernia mesh implants. Currently, more than 1,800 plaintiffs have federal hernia mesh lawsuits pending.

Additionally, there are both class action and individual lawsuits against Bard in various states, reflecting the widespread issues caused by their hernia mesh products.

Johnson and Johnson (Ethicon)

Johnson and Johnson (Ethicon)

Ethicon, a division of Johnson and Johnson, specializes in the manufacture of hernia mesh devices. About 1,500 federal hernia mesh cases against Johnson and Johnson are being handled out of Georgia, with more state and federal cases anticipated. Despite not being the largest manufacturer by volume, Johnson and Johnson are a prominent defendant in hernia mesh lawsuits, likely due to their high-profile brand recognition.

Atrium Medical

Atrium Medical, known for its C-QUR hernia mesh, faces 500 lawsuits, primarily filed out of New Hampshire. Like other defendants, Atrium is bracing for additional lawsuits over time, as more patients experience complications from their hernia mesh implants.

In many instances, these mass tort cases are consolidated into Multi-Jurisdictional Litigation, meaning all federal cases are combined and tried in a single court. This approach streamlines the process, reduces confusion, and saves significant time and money. If these cases were tried individually in each state, the costs could be astronomical, and the legal process prolonged.

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If you or a loved one has been injured by a hernia mesh, it’s crucial to consult with a mass tort lawyer experienced in handling hernia mesh cases, especially if you’re in the Los Angeles area. To initiate your hernia mesh lawsuit, contact our Los Angeles mass tort law firm. Remember, there is a legal deadline for filing hernia mesh claims. Missing this window could mean losing your right to compensation.

We offer a free initial consultation to begin the process. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will review your case and provide essential guidance. It’s vital to have skilled legal representation on your side, as insurance companies and hernia mesh manufacturers will have their legal teams.

Don’t delay in seeking the compensation and justice you deserve for the injuries and medical expenses incurred due to defective hernia mesh implants.