Persistent and Irreversible Consequences of Taxotere Over Time

Taxotere is one of many breast cancer chemotherapy drugs. It’s an option that, over the last twenty years, medical teams and patients believed was the best course of action. However, as more people used the drug, it was clear that the manufacturers hid that some side effects of Taxotere were permanent. How likely would it be that a patient and medical team would choose the drug over an alternative if they knew of the permanent hair loss caused by Taxotere?

Used in Breast Cancer Treatment for Over 20 Years

To the unfamiliar person, chemotherapy seems like one drug option. However, after undergoing treatment and speaking with an experienced oncology team, it’s clear that that’s not true. Instead, people have a small handful of drug options. For breast cancer, the high makes the drug voice seem less critical.

So what side effects would you willingly accept if you were to undergo treatment and try to fight for your life? Many people acknowledge that permanent hairless is not the worst possible side effect. However, a lot of the cases opened against Taxotere aren’t directly for the hair loss but instead for the lies. Many women and men who used Taxotere were told that their hair would grow back. Now it’s clear, after nearly 20 years of use, that’s not the case.

Unable to Regrow Lost Hair

During chemotherapy, hair loss goes far beyond losing the hair on your head. You can also lose vital hair. Understanding that your eyelashes play an important role in eye safety, it’s worrisome when you lose them. Additionally, you can lose your eyebrows and even the hair on the inner ears leading to deafness.

Being unable to regrow hair isn’t solved with a wig. You’re looking at the grave possibility of the loss of a sense, or loss of vital protection from foreign objects. Not only is it from foreign objects, but weather changes and such as well. Your eyelashes protect your sensitive eyes from rain, wind, dirt, and even moisture. So when you’re looking at the possibility of never having eyelashes again, it becomes a serious concern.

Permanent Hair Loss Side Effects of Taxotere

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to face is deafness. Because of the permanent nature of hair loss with Taxotere, it’s likely that the damage lies directly within the hair cells. While your body certainly produces new hair, and hair can regrow when the hair cell sustains damage that regrowth stops. Inner hair cells within the ear are most likely to experience hair cell damage.

That inner hair cell damage often results in deafness because those inner hair cells are the way the brain starts processing auditory information. However, there are other qualities of life downsides to having total or permanent hair loss. Your hearing is a critical part of life, and if you’ve experienced it, then you should seek out a lawsuit because you weren’t aware of that possibility.

Can Hair Loss Lead To a Reduced Quality of Life?

How can losing your hair reduce the quality of your life? As mentioned earlier, you can lose a critical sense, hearing. You can also lose the literal safety net for your eyes. However, what most people experience is a hair loss for the hair on their head. That type of hair loss can impact your quality of life drastically.

Many women, and many men, have a stable part of their identity within their hair and physical appearance. Changing that physical can drastically alter how someone feels about themselves and how they interact with the people around them. Yes, there are ways to manage this loss; however, unlike natural hair loss transplants, implants and similar aren’t available options. When you have permanent hair loss, it’s simply a part of your identity that’s gone.

Should You Contact an Attorney in Boston for Permanent Effects of Taxotere?

After receiving chemotherapy, it seems like your life should return to normal. Unfortunately, many cancer survivors have to accommodate many new elements of their life. From immune-compromised situations to understanding that your hair may never return, it’s a rough road ahead. If you were not fully instructed on the likely effects of Taxotere, then you may have a chance to get some compensation for your reduction in quality of life.

When you’re ready, call the Taxotere attorneys in the Boston area at Rueb Stoller Daniel. Your attorney will handle your claim. They will also pull together research results and other evidence as well as negotiate on your behalf. Call in today and arrange for a full review of your possible case with Rueb Stoller Daniel.