How To Know if Your Hernia Mesh Failed

A hernia mesh serves a vital role in health. In human beings, muscles and tissues protect and hold our internal organs in place. But when these organs push through an opening in the muscle or tissue, it leads to a hernia. The most common symptom of a hernia is a lump or bulge in the affected area.

Most hernias happen in the abdomen, upper thigh, or groin and do not go away on their own. A patient suffering from a hernia needs to undergo surgery to avoid complications. Surgeons use a hernia mesh during surgery by sewing the hole and patching it with the mesh.

Victims who experience injuries and complications after using hernia meshes can file a hernia mesh lawsuit, either against the doctor or the manufacturer. For example, in 2011, C. R. Bard, a manufacturing company of hernia meshes, had to pay over 100 million dollars to victims of hernia mesh failure.

Before you can get compensation for hernia mesh complications, you need to be sure your hernia mesh has failed. So, in this article, you will be learning about the various symptoms and signs that show if you have a hernia mesh failure. Contact our mass tort lawyers if your hernia mesh fails.

Common Symptoms of Hernia Mesh Failure

Mass tort cases can be long, complex, and painful for plaintiffs. This is because you are going up against some of the most prominent companies in the medical field. For this reason, you need an experienced lawyer who will help you fight your battle.

Hernia mesh failure can result from mesh migration, shrinking, infection, surgical errors, and previous health conditions. Below are the top symptoms of mesh failure.

  • Bulging

One of the signs that will let you know if you are experiencing hernia mesh failure is bulging. If you notice that the area where the implantation took place is inflamed, you need a doctor immediately. This is because bulges can become an infection site or have a buildup of fluid.

  • Constipation

There are times when defective measures along the abdominal wall may apply pressure on the stomach, colon, small intestines, etc. This will then lead to gastrointestinal problems such as constipation. You should also note that difficulty in urinating might also be a symptom of hernia mesh failure.

  • Burning

The skin where the doctor fixed the hernia mesh might become hot or warm if there is a hernia mesh failure. Burning can be a result of device dislodging, shrinking, or even an infection. Additionally, the burning may appear suddenly or slowly. Furthermore, there are instances where patients might need to take antibiotics to deal with this symptom.

  • Sexual Problems

This symptom is most common in male patients. In addition, if the mesh causes inflammation, irritation, or a nerve gets stuck in the device, the patient may have impotence and sexual dysfunction. Therefore, when you go to the doctor concerning any sexual problem, it is essential to tell the specialist that you have had a mesh implant.

  • Nausea

Nausea can be a sign of many medical conditions. But if a patient just had mesh implantation, it could signify that something has gone wrong. If you notice that your nausea is persistent after hernia surgery, you should see a doctor immediately.

  • Lethargy

Lethargy or feeling exhausted after you have recovered from the surgery is not normal. For example, when a patient feels weak after recovery, the body does not accept or respond well to the device. As a result, the medical professional might have to redo the surgery to change the mesh.

  • Pain 

Pain is one of the most common signs of mesh failure. This could be a result of many things, such as inflammation and infection. The degree of pain a patient could experience could be mild, severe, acute, or chronic.

  • Hernia Recurrence 

The hernia that the doctor supposedly treated resurfacing is a huge red flag. If you have a case of a hernia shortly after treatment, it means the mesh failed and did not combat the problem. See a doctor if this is the case.

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