How to Choose the Best Attorney for Your Zantac Case

Zantac or Ranitidine is a drug that aids the treatment of heartburn, stomach ulcers, and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). It relieves heartburn symptoms by reducing the stomach’s acid levels. Unfortunately, this medication has also reportedly exposed its users to an increased risk of stomach cancer. As a result, many mass tort lawyers have filed lawsuits against Zantac manufacturers on behalf of their affected clients.

To be eligible for a Zantac claim or lawsuit, you must prove that you purchased and used the medication. Secondly, you’ll establish that Zantac caused you adverse side effects like cancer, liver scarring, kidney tumors, etc. Note that there are specific types of cancer and health complications associated with ranitidine use. So, you must link your health problems directly to Zantac before you can file a successful claim.

However, no matter how eligible you are for a Zantac claim, your choice of attorney will affect your case’s outcome. That’s why you must carefully source the most qualified attorneys to represent you. We’ll show you the best ways to secure the most experienced legal professionals for your case in this article.

What Will My Zantac Lawsuit Lawyer Do for Me?

Generally, your Zantac case is as successful as the quality of your legal representation. That’s because your attorney handles the most crucial parts of your case and directs the outcome. First, your lawyer will help you to navigate the complicated legal process. Then, they’ll handle negotiations with the insurance companies and determine the best compensation for you.

Secondly, a Zantac injury lawyer will defend your interests in a lawsuit. They’ll leverage their experience, knowledge, and connections to gather all the evidence you need for a successful case. They’ll do everything to bolster your case and get you justice for your hurt.

Top Qualities of a Suitable Zantac Injury Attorney

The following are the essential qualities to look out for when choosing your lawyer:

  • Experience, Knowledge, and Skill 

Zantac injury cases are highly complicated and complex. As such, not every lawyer understands how to navigate the bottlenecks and challenges they may face in your case. So, to ensure that your attorney can handle your case, you can ask about their length and scope of experience. If they’ve successfully handled several Zantac cases, then they’re likely to do the same for yours.

  • Integrity and Trustworthiness 

Hiring a lawyer that you cannot trust will always end in a disaster. So, ensure that you can always trust your attorneys to tell the truth and keep their word.

  • Good Communication 

Never underestimate the importance of excellent communication in building a great working relationship with your lawyers. Again, good communication gives your lawyer a clear picture of your needs and how to help you.

  • Affordable Legal Fees

It’s unwise to hire the services of an attorney when you can not afford their professional fees. So, one criterion for choosing your lawyer is your ability to foot the cost for their legal services.

How To Search for Your Lawyer  

Now that you can recognize a suitable attorney when you see one, the next question is how to locate them. There are many ways you can find a lawyer in your locality to help with your case. These are some of the most efficient methods you can try during your search:

  • Client Referrals 

Many clients find lawyers through referrals from friends, family, and colleagues.

  • Advertisements 

Some reputable law firms place advertisements in newspapers, television, radio, and over the internet. Therefore, you can explore those channels to find a suitable Zantac lawyer.

  • State Bar Associations 

Every state has a bar association for its lawyers. You can look to your state’s bar association to find a qualified local attorney for your case.

Let Us Get You the Justice You Deserve!

No one takes heartburn medication hoping to develop life-threatening health complications as a side-effect. It’s unfair that you have to deal with such pain and suffering due to a pharmaceutical company’s recklessness. As such, you must explore every avenue you can to find some relief for your condition and get justice. We can get you to fight this injustice at Rueb Stoller Daniel.

At our law firm, we understand how vital a competent attorney is to the success of your Zantac case. As such, we make sure that our mass tort attorneys are the best you can find anywhere else. Therefore, you can be sure that you have formidable legal representation to tackle the insurance companies. So get a free consultation when you contact us today.