What Your Doctors Should Have Told You About Hernia Mesh

All across the nation, doctors help patients make the best possible decisions for their treatment and medical care. Except, there are many instances where doctors don’t have all of the information available about specific medical products, prescriptions, and treatments. One of these situations is the hernia mesh. Doctors often receive the same type of aggressive advertising from medical product manufacturers and big Pharma that we receive from many common retailers. This often leads to doctors having incomplete information, and an incomplete understanding of what the medical device can or should


Where is all the information that your doctors should have told you about hernia mesh, and what you can do about it now? At our law offices, we often see victims of medical products or pharmaceuticals that simply didn’t have enough information before undergoing treatment or surgery.  Here we’ve gathered all the information we can in the hopes of providing guidance on what to do now that you might be experiencing complications with hernia mesh.

Not All Hernia Mesh Goes Through Testing

The common misconception is that the FDA stringently reviews each medical device and prescription medication that comes across its desk. That is not true. Every medical device that becomes available on the US market, including hernia mesh implants, must have FDA approval. However, many of these hernia mesh devices rely on past approval of similar devices. In other words, if two devices use the same materials and are generally similar in structure, the device may receive approval without testing.


The FDA has made statements on hernia mesh, and they focus on the primary issues, or complications of a hernia, with or without mesh, including all the symptoms that come with Simply Having a hernia. The trouble is that the FDA taking this approach doesn’t address complications from hernia mesh or the effectiveness of hernia mesh devices. It simply says that hernias can reoccur, can become infected, can cause pain and additional medical problems. Instead, they seem to be skipping over the complications of the medical device, quite possibly because they don’t extensively test them.

Common Complications and Side Effects

Common complications include recurrence of the hernia, movement of the hernia mesh, abdominal pain, bowel obstruction, liver complications, uncontrollable sweating, neurological changes, and infection. These complications and side effects can range from very mild to life-threatening.


If you’re experiencing any discomfort, especially in your abdomen, contact your doctor immediately. Inform them that you have hernia mesh and that you’re worried that there’s a complication or that you’re experiencing a dangerous side-effect.

Is there a Class Action Lawsuit?

As of September of 2020, there are no outstanding math litigations for hernia mesh. Most patients choose to pursue an individual lawsuit that addresses their individual experiences with the hernia mesh. Additionally, different manufacturers and methods of use make it difficult to accelerate a lawsuit into a class action.


A class-action is not always advantageous for people seeking compensation. If your hernia Mash has cause complications or side effects, then start speaking to a personal injury attorney about your options.

Are There Recalls on Hernia Mesh?

Yes, the FDA currently has ten different hernia repair devices with a recall, and almost all of them are hernia mesh. The dates of these recalls stand between 2018 and 2020, with Covidien LLC having the highest frequency in recalls.  Intact, Covidien LLC has six of the ten recall notices.


Please recall notices are not widely broadcast, and many patients aren’t alerted of the recall until they’re experiencing complications. This is a lack of attention and care on the parts of the manufacturer, the FDA, and the medical professionals who used these devices.

Can You File a Claim for Your Complications?

Hernia mesh is one of the most common medical devices that people have put into their bodies. Hernias are extremely common, and hernia mesh seems like the only solution. Doctors often turn to medical device manufacturers that they believe or refutable, but decades later, we’re finding out that many of these major manufacturers are not reliable.


Anyone who has had multiple surgeries, infection, mesh displacement, or absorption of the material should consider legal action. By contacting Rueb Stoller Daniel in Atlanta, We can start helping you identify who the manufacturer of your hernia mesh was and what major complications often come from that specific device. Then we’ll help lay out a plan for legal action, from initiating a lawsuit, to establish what a reasonable settlement would look like. If necessary, I will take your case all the way to court and defend your right to fair compensation.