Selecting the Right Attorney for My Hernia Mesh Claim

Hernia mesh or surgical mesh, is a medical device used to support damaged tissues surrounding hernias to facilitate their healing. Hernia meshes can be absorbable, non-absorbable, synthetic, composite, or animal-derived. The purpose of hernia mesh is to ensure that the chances of recurrent hernias reduce drastically. Unfortunately, though, many patients have reported severe complications due to their hernia mesh use.

The reported hernia mesh complications range from mesh migration to severe pain, tissue fusion, obstructed bowels, and infections. As such, thousands of claimants are suing their manufacturers for releasing defective products to the public without any warning. The significant defendants in these mass tort lawsuits are Bard, Ethicon, and Atrium Medical.

Since hernia mesh claims are pretty complicated, a determined claimant needs an experienced mass tort attorney for the best results. However, finding the best lawyers for your case can be challenging. So, we have compiled the best tips to help you choose the most qualified ones in this article.

Why Do I Need a Hernia Mesh Lawyer?

You’ll need a hernia mesh lawyer to perform the following legal services for you:

  • Handle negotiation settlements with insurance companies
  • Carry out quality investigations and gather enough evidence to build a formidable case
  • Prepare relevant documents and handle all the legal paperwork in your case. They’ll also ensure that they file all documents within the recommended time frame
  • Legal representation in a lawsuit
  • Legal advice

What Are the Qualities of a Good Hernia Mesh Attorney?

One mistake many claimants make is hiring an attorney over an internet search recommendation. No lawyer will put up a terrible portfolio online. As such, you will have to rely on your independent assessment to hire a great lawyer. The most qualified ones possess these essential characteristics:

  • Integrity 

Honesty is an essential virtue in the legal profession. Therefore, your attorney must be truthful about your chances of success in your claim. Also, they shouldn’t misrepresent any facts that may influence your decisions concerning your case.

  • Good Reputation and an Impeccable Track Record of Success

Pay attention to what your potential attorneys’ previous clients say about them. You should also consider their track record of successes or failures at earlier hernia mesh cases.

  • Trial Experience 

Your choice of lawyer must have enough trial experience and expertise to competently handle your case.

  • Limited Areas of Practice

The narrower an attorney’s practice sphere is, the better for your hernia mesh case. However, even when they don’t handle hernia mesh cases exclusively, they should be exclusive mass tort or personal injury attorneys.

  • Availability 

Lawyers who are always available to attend to your concerns are the best choice of attorneys.

Questions To Ask a Potential Hernia Mesh Lawyer 

When it comes to asking your attorney questions, there are no wrong questions. You can ask them whatever comes to your mind. Some examples are:

  • For how long have you been in practice?
  • What side do you stand for?
  • Are you specialized in hernia mesh cases?
  • How do I pay the legal fees?

Hernia Mesh Attorneys to Avoid 

When hiring a lawyer, try to avoid these types:

  • Attorneys Who Are Too Eager to Settle

Lawyers who need to settle in a hurry will likely make you accept inadequate compensation.

  • Trick Ponies 

Trick ponies deal on specific types of hernia mesh cases without your knowledge. Then, later, they will reject your case and transfer it to another lawyer you may not like.

  • Lawyers With Inadequate Resources

These cases are costly to litigate. They also require lots of research and a large team of legal support staff to handle issues appropriately. Avoid lawyers without the aforementioned resources.

Find the Best Mass Tort Lawyers at Rueb Stoller Daniel

Hernia mesh claims and lawsuits are much more complicated than regular personal injury cases. As such, not every lawyer is capable of handling your case as well as you would anticipate. Therefore, you must stick with attorneys that have an impeccable track record of successful settlements under their belt. In other words, you’re better off hiring a mass tort attorney from the Rueb Stoller Daniel.

Aside from our unbeatable team of hernia mesh lawyers, our legal services are next to none. However, we offer a free case evaluation and will charge you zero legal fees unless we win your case. Furthermore, we are available round the clock to attend to whatever legal needs you may have. So, book a free consultation with us today, and let’s begin your journey to maximum compensation.