Atlanta Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

We have seen countless commercials about mass tort action suits, particularly regarding defective Hernia Mesh, airing on TV constantly. These hernia mesh lawsuit lawyers often come across as pretentious, promising millions in financial compensation and making it seem like winning a mass tort action is effortless

However, the reality is starkly different. Mass tort action suits, especially those involving hernia mesh complications or injuries caused by defective mesh, are typically filed against wealthy companies and large corporations. These cases often involve complex medical issues related to hernia mesh implants or surgical mesh complications.

Some mass tort action suits, like those for hernia mesh injuries, can take months, even years, to develop. For the plaintiff, the journey can be painful, depressing, and frustrating due to severe pain or nerve damage caused by these defective products.

Despite the disconcerting and painful nature of these cases, mass tort suits are often necessary. They play a crucial role in protecting individuals and the public from harmful or defective products like hernia mesh devices. Collective tort action cases usually cover medical products, including various types of hernia mesh, dangerous drugs, and environmental pollution.

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Where To File A Hernia Mesh Claim

The hernia mesh lawsuit has become a prominent part of mass tort lawsuits. Hernia mesh is commonly used to support torn or damaged tissue, a concept that seems simple. Hernias can develop when intestinal tissues protrude through a weak spot in the cavity. A hernia mesh implant is then used to repair this opening, akin to repairing a tire puncture.

The issue with hernia mesh lies in its complications and the injuries they can cause. There is evidence showing how hernia mesh can be dangerous to patients, leading to infections or allergic reactions.

At Rueb Stoller Daniel, our team of class action attorneys is well-versed in handling hernia mesh cases, offering expert guidance to those who have undergone surgery and are experiencing complications.

hernia mesh lawsuit

Reasons Why Mass Tort Lawyers in Atlanta Are Certain Hernia Mesh Is Dangerous To Their Clients

Hernia mesh is a top surgical implant that’s utilized in approximately 90% of all hernia repairs and surgery. Bard is part of the manufacturing funnel for hernia mesh products commonly used in such surgeries. Over the past few years, Bard has appeared in many hernia mesh lawsuits to answer all sorts of defective medical products.

A doctor in a operating room holding a thin layer of hernia mesh with a medical tool.

Studies estimate that nearly 50,000 patients file lawsuits against hernia mesh manufacturers annually, citing injuries, pain, and suffering caused by these defective mesh products. One significant issue with hernia mesh devices is their plastic composition, which can lead to a range of complications when they break or tear.

Patients often face various medical problems like:

  • Tissue fusion
  • Infections due to the surgical mesh
  • Mesh migration
  • Chronic pain
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Obstructed bowels
  • Necessity for a follow-up hernia repair surgery
  • Hernia mesh moving within the patient’s body

Moreover, patients with hernia mesh implants might experience complications such as nerve damage or allergic reactions, further complicating their condition. If you have a hernia mesh and are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s crucial to consult an experienced and reputable Atlanta mass tort action attorney.

Our law firm specializes in cases related to hernia mesh injuries and can help you understand your legal options and potentially recover compensation for the hardships you’ve endured.

Can Mass Tort Action Lawyers Get Hernia Mesh Outlawed From The Market?

With the myriad complications associated with hernia mesh, including hernia mesh injuries and allergic reactions to the material, it’s reasonable for people to wonder if an experienced mass tort attorney can advocate for the removal of defective hernia mesh from the market. Despite these concerns, it’s important to remember that hernia mesh devices are heavily used in approximately 90% of hernia surgeries and are still widely available in many countries.

Johnson and Johnson, known for their variety of hernia mesh products, had to withdraw a specific model from the market following a stringent warning from the FDA addressing all hernia mesh manufacturers about the potential for severe pain, nerve damage, and other hernia mesh complications. However, this action hasn’t halted their promotion of hernia mesh medical products for repair surgeries.

The lawsuits will likely continue as long as hernia mesh products, associated with such high risks of injuries and complications, remain available. The harmful nature of these products is increasingly recognized by doctors and medical practitioners, a fact that’s also well-understood by professional class action lawyers in Atlanta, CA.

These legal experts are well-versed in the intricate issues surrounding hernia mesh implants, surgical mesh complications, and the broader implications for patient safety. Their goal is to ensure that justice is served for those who have suffered due to these defective products.

Johnson and Johnson

Current Hernia Mesh Cases

While some of those hernia cases have been heard and dismissed or settled, many of them are still in the process. Here are some but a few ongoing class-action suits:

Bard – Davol Division

This case involves two specific Bard products: Composix E/X and Composix LIP. Bard has already paid millions in financial compensation in settled suits for patients suffering from complications caused by these hernia mesh implants.

There are still numerous unresolved federal cases with around 1,800 plaintiffs. Additionally, ongoing hernia mesh lawsuits and individual claims continue to emerge against Bard in several states, reflecting the widespread impact of defective hernia mesh products.

Johnson and Johnson – Ethicon

Ethicon, a department of Johnson and Johnson, is also facing legal scrutiny. About 1,500 federal hernia mesh lawsuits are pending against Johnson and Johnson. These cases address issues related to Ethicon’s hernia mesh products, including severe pain and nerve damage experienced by patients.

The litigation is ongoing outside the state of Georgia, with the company bracing for many equivalent federal suits across various states. Johnson and Johnson, despite not producing a vast array of hernia mesh products, is a frequent defendant in hernia mesh cases, likely due to their well-known brand name.

Atrium Medical

Known for its C-QUR hernia mesh, Atrium Medical faces about 500 lawsuits, primarily outside of New Hampshire. Like other defendants, they anticipate more trials in the future. Atrium’s cases involve allegations of defective mesh and complications arising from their products.

When mass tort action cases are numerous, they can be consolidated into Multi-Jurisdiction Litigation. This approach means that suits from various parts of the country will be heard in a single court, streamlining the process and reducing confusion.

This method is not only time-efficient but also cost-effective. If the cases were tried individually, the expenses could soar into seven figures, not to mention the significant time investment required.

In each of these cases, the core issue revolves around hernia mesh injuries, complications, and the accountability of manufacturers in producing safe and effective medical devices.

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