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We have seen a jillion mass tort action suits commercials on TV day in and day out. Pretentious Hernia Mesh lawsuit lawyers get on set and tell individuals that they can get them millions. They make promises they can’t keep, statements that can’t be backed up, and make it seem like winning a mass tort action is a stroll in the park.

But in reality, it’s very different. Mass tort action suits are usually filed against the rich and large companies and corporations of the world. Such cases often entail complex medical issues. Some mass tort action suits can take up to twelve months developing. For the plaintiff, it can be quite painful, depressing, and frustrating.

However, regardless of how disconcerting and painful these cases are, mass tort suits are necessary more often than not. They help in protecting individuals like yourself and the public from harmful and or defective products. Collective tort action cases generally cover medical products, dangerous drugs, and pollution.

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Where To File A Hernia Mesh Claim

The hernia mesh lawsuit has been the most recent addition to the mass tort lawsuit. Hernia mesh is typically used for supporting torn or damaged tissue; it’s a pretty simple concept.

There are different types of hernias and can manifest when intestinal tissues are building through a weak cavity spot where they essentially reside. A hernia mesh will then be utilized for sealing up the hole. It’s the same as a tire puncture getting repaired.

The problem with hernia mesh is that it has some complications. It has even been proven how hernia mesh can be a danger to patients.

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hernia mesh lawsuit

Reasons Why Mass Tort Lawyers in Atlanta Are Certain Hernia Mesh Is Dangerous To Their Clients

Hernia mesh is a top surgical implant that’s utilized in approximately 90% of all hernia repairs and surgery. Bard is part of the manufacturing funnel for hernia mesh products commonly used in such surgeries. Over the past few years, Bard has appeared in many hernia mesh lawsuits to answer all sorts of defective medical products.

Every year, an estimated one million U.S. patients receive a hernia mesh. Tragically, most of these patients come down with severe side effects that originate back to the hernia mesh. Research done estimated that almost 50,000 patients end up suing hernia mesh manufacturers for their suffering, pain, and injury.

A doctor in a operating room holding a thin layer of hernia mesh with a medical tool.

The downside with hernia mesh is that it’s made from plastic – and plastic can pretty much break and tear easily. When that occurs, patients find they have to handle different types of medical problems like:

  • Tissue fusion
  • Infections
  • Mesh migration
  • Chronic pain
  • Damage of internal organs
  • Obstructed bowels
  • A follow-up hernia repair surgery
  • The mesh can move around in the body of the patient

So if you have a hernia mesh and can relate to some of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced and reputable Atlanta mass tort action attorney.

Can Mass Tort Action Lawyers Get Hernia Mesh Outlawed From The Market?

With all the complications associated with hernia mesh, it’s well within the bounds of reason for people to enquire whether an experienced mass tort attorney can get hernia mesh removed from the market scene. However, it would help if you didn’t forget that for an astounding 90% of hernia surgeries, hernia mesh equipment is heavily used. Unfortunately, these products are still made available across the majority of the countries.

Johnson and Johnson had various types of hernia mesh products in the market scene. After the FDA issued a strict warning to all hernia mesh manufacturers, they pulled a model from the market. But that didn’t seem to stop them from advertising their hernia mesh medical products for repair surgeries.

The suits will not stop coming until hernia mesh has been removed from the market altogether. There’s no room for doubting the product is harmful, and doctors together with the practitioners, making them know this fundamental fact. And so are the professional class action lawyers in Atlanta, CA.

Johnson and Johnson

Current Hernia Mesh Cases

While some of those hernia cases have been heard and dismissed or either settled, many of them are still in the process. Here are some but a few ongoing class-action suits:

Bard – Davol Division

In this case, there are particularly two Bard products mentioned: Composix E/X and Composix LIP. Bard has reimbursed patients already with millions upon millions in settled suits.

There still remain multiple unresolved federal cases with around 1,800 plaintiffs. What’s more, there are continuing hernia mesh lawsuits, as well as individual claims all brought against Bard in several states.

Johnson and Johnson – Ethicon

Ethicon is a Johnson and Johnson department that makes hernia mesh. There are still about 1,500 federal hernia mesh lawsuits that have been brought against Johnson and Johnson still pending. The suit is going on outside of the state of Georgia.

In the years to come, the company is expecting to appear in many other equivalent federal suits in various states. It’s important to note that Johnson and Johnson have not made that many hernia mesh products thus far, but they are a popular defendant when it comes to hernia mesh cases. This may be because the company name is more relatable to the general public.

Atrium Medical

The hernia mesh products of this company are referred to as C-QUR. Atrium Medical faces 500 suits, with most of them being dealt with outside of New Hampshire. But just like other defendants mentioned, they can be expecting additional trials in the coming future.

When the mass tort action cases are many, they can be merged to form what is referred to as Multi-Jurisdiction Litigation, meaning that all the suits from various parts of the country will be heard and tried in a single court. This way, the process is streamlined, and litigation made less confusing.

What’s more, is that it will be saving all the parties involved time and money. If the cases were to be tried one by one, the cost would go up to seven figures not to forget the amount of time that will be wasted.

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